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Top 5 Himpy Slides From AllStuff420®

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Top 5 Himpy Slides From AllStuff420®

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Known for their durability, Himpy Slides from online retailer AllStuff420® are gaining popularity among potheads. The footwear aligns with the relaxed, free-thinking character of people who embrace weed as a natural part of their everyday lives.

Here are the Top 5 Selling Himpy Slides so far this year:

  1. Cookies & Cream
  2. Purple Lemonade
  3. White Buffalo
  4. Purple Tangie – Size 6
  5. Purple Tangie – Size 9

The non-slip, quick-drying slides can go anywhere from the bathroom to the beach. Himpy Slides also are a part of AllStuff420®’s High Fashion Collection, a brand of high-quality, cannabis-related footwear.

Why Invest in Wearing Himpy Slides?

Comfy Yet Stylish

Himpy Slides are the best weed slippers that are not only cozy but stylish. It is incredibly enjoyable and light to wear. A pair of Himpy Slides from AllStuff420® are offered in undoubtedly distinctive styles that exude simple beauty. Thus it unquestionably complement any style statement and keep you on-trend. 


In choosing the best weed inspired footwear, make sure you get a pair of AllStuff420® slides that has sturdy soles that won’t quickly degrade or lose their support. Steer clear of memory foams and cheap synthetic foams. The cushions constructed of cork, gel foam, and air pocket technology are the most durable. 

Additionally, if you walk to work on pavement or another rough surface like concrete or carpet, you should wear outsoles made of strong rubber or exceptionally durable synthetic materials. Getting a pair of Himpy Slides will ensure that you get a better value for your money.

Simple to Maintain & Clean 

Himpy Slides are perfect for going on beach strolls, running errands, grilling out, taking road trips, or just getting outside for a little exercise. Your clean weed slippers might get soiled with all this action. It will start to gather dirt, dust, stains, and sticky residues if you wear them frequently, only to the beach, or even just on a regular basis.

It’s possible that your favorite weed slippers no longer feel or appear to be as new. Even though slides and flip-flops are open-air shoes, sweaty feet can still leave scents in the bottom. The good news is that there are several easy methods to spruce up your weed slippers. Himpy Slides is just one of the many weed inspired footwear that’s easy to wear and clean.

Low Cost

Himpy Slides are often cost less than other types of footwear since they are not as intricate or meticulously crafted just for fashion but more on function. They have simple designs but are made of high quality materials but not priced expensively. 


For people who love to wear 420 slides, the best slides would definitely be Himpy Slides. The footbed in this multifunctional weed slippers are incredibly comfortable and features ergonomic arch support, custom compression, and air-filled heel cushioning. In other words, whether you’re standing, strolling, taking in the sights, relaxing at home, or traveling, your feet will feel at ease.

Both men and women can wear their cool, trendy Himpy Slides from the 420 collection of AllStuff420®. Visit their online store right now to select the greatest and diverse 420-themed comfortable slides based on your taste and preferences. 

A sub-brand of AllStuff420®, Himpy Slides offers the best 420-themed merchandise for fashion and cool smoking accessories. Thus, to mark the upcoming date of 4/20—a time of validation and celebration for the cannabis community, AllStuff420® is offering a 15%-off, sitewide discount, as well as free sexy nipple pasties for every purchase of $42 or more. Visit AllStuff420® and 420CanNews today to get the latest cannabis news to fully embrace your 420 lifestyle!

— Story Filed By 420CanNews Staff

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