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‘Hey Siri, Order Some Weed for Me’: Weed Delivery Apps

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SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. – Mary Jane finally meets Siri–where a friend with weed is a friend indeed! 

Just when people have warmed up to ordering groceries through a voice-activated app comes the seemingly sacrilegious act of asking Siri for weed.

Weed delivery apps are relatively new. The Apple App Store recently decided to allow cannabis delivery service apps on its platform after previously forbidding them. Of course, only those customers in states where cannabis is legal can partake. Apple has weed delivery apps that encourage the consumption of tobacco and vape products, drugs, or alcohol, making it easier to sell “controlled substances” like marijuana.

Apple authorized the first cannabis delivery app on the App Store on July 8. At the time, Eaze, a delivery company in California with 2 million registered users, released its shoppable delivery app. Eaze facilitates cannabis product sales between customers and retailers, with the app’s introduction being a significant turning point for users and the legal cannabis industry. After that, Beta, Caliva, and Pineapple Express followed through. They are just a few of the best weed apps for delivery that have made their way onto the Apple App Store. Weedmaps also joined the bandwagon. Its app has been upgraded, allowing users to find and investigate nearby cannabis dispensaries. 

To sum it all up, iPhone users in places where weed is legal can order cannabis from the comfort of their humble abode. Ultimately the best weed delivery apps should have elements that entertain and engage clients when they order their preferred cannabis variety.

A cannabis delivery app should allow for easy searching and filtering, as well as real-time tracking and maps. Aside from that, it must offer an update notification feature. Finally, it should deliver interesting information and facts to clients while they submit orders. It is so much easier to navigate in an app rather than searching on World Wide Web.

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