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N.J. Regulators Say ‘No’ To Curaleaf Dispensary

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TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey’s most significant player in the cannabis industry, Curaleaf dispensary, has been denied license renewals by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission. This decision has prohibited the company from growing and selling recreational marijuana at most locations.

A surprising blow has hit just a week before the state’s first anniversary of recreational weed sales. The commission pointed out Curaleaf’s closure of a growing facility, lack of transparency, and conflicts with unionization as grounds for the decision. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission for the non-renewal of Curaleaf dispensary had left observers in a state of astonishment.

Commission Chair Dianna Houenou emphasized the significance of transparency and effective communication with the board. Curaleaf’s license renewal only received one vote from a commission member, Samuel Delgado.  Consequently, the company’s recreational sales at two of its locations will soon come to an end in the absence of a license.

The spokesperson of Curaleaf dispensary expressed outrage at the decision, claiming it will negatively impact its employees and the New Jersey cannabis market. The denial of licenses by the New Jersey regulations has left cannabis advocates and potential licensees wondering about the implications for consumers in South Jersey and the industry. This decision raises concerns regarding the impact on the local community and the broader cannabis industry. 

Last year, several alternative treatment centers and medical dispensaries, previously approved to sell recreational marijuana, were up for renewal. Among the seven companies, Curaleaf dispensary was among those given the green light.

James Shorris, the Chief Compliance Officer of Curaleaf, represented the company and shed light on its significant investments in the state, substantial sales to medical and recreational consumers, and dedication to job creation with a focus on promoting diversity. Additionally, he defended the decision to close the Bellmawr grow site, highlighting fluctuations in flower demand and cost-related concerns. Although commendable for Curaleaf’s efforts towards diversity, one commissioner abstained from the vote.


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