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Social Networking: A Convenient Way to Ordering Cannabis Online

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) — Budding “high” tech businesses are blooming as weed goes mainstream, with the days of shady, back-alley deals coming to an end. Now the Cannabis Business Social Network connects marijuana merchants out in the open. The era of “high” tech connections has dawned, and it’s as budding and exciting as it can get.

Entrepreneurs once only whispered about green gold. Now, those cloak and dagger days are up in smoke. Today’s ganjapreneurs are building brands for ordering cannabis online effortlessly.

These days, social cannabis networks are still heavily regulated on mainstream social media platforms due to the weed’s reputation and shady past. However, advanced technological innovations and toke-driven cannabis social media ideas paved the way for “the weed to grow” through various digital channels.

What Social Media Is Associated with Cannabis?

Several social media platforms allow content promotions involving the cannabis business social network due to their friendlier policies towards cannabis-related content and communities.

These platforms have provided, through separate regulations, a space for cannabis enthusiasts, businesses, and consumers to connect, share information, and engage in discussions about cannabis-related topics.

Since Tesla billionaire Elon Musk, a Ganga enthusiast and consumer himself, took over  Twitter, now known as X Corp., it has become the most cannabis-friendly mainstream social media platform. LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook all trail behind Musk’s enlightened example, with varying degrees of restrictions and regulations.

The Best Cannabis Business Social Networks

Respectively, cannabis-specific apps and platforms have proven to be the best for marketing any cannabis business online. 

Here’s a compilation of well-known online channels that, one can bet a dollar to a dime, would catapult the reach of any niche within the cannabis industry into heights previously unseen.

  • Grasscity 

What started as a cannabis “coffee shop” in Amsterdam selling weed and all types of weed paraphernalia, Grasscity has now become the O.G. of the pot industry. In 2018, they merged with a Canada-based Cannabis giant – High Tide – and just kept growing ever since. They host forums that discuss everything under the cannabis sun and have now garnered about 650,000 members across the globe making it one of the best platform to get ideas on ordering cannabis online.

  • Duby   

This is a cannabis app that emphasizes the security and privacy of its users. Duby is especially useful for tourists from regions where cannabis isn’t legalized yet. Businesses that promote their weed products within certain areas using this app can be confident that all region-specific regulations are being complied with. Expect well-managed educational, entertaining, and lively interactions and posts within this app. 

  • Weedlife 

This cannabis app works like Facebook, where people and businesses can share posts on newsfeeds, leave comments, and socially interact with like-minded pot enthusiasts. For businesses, Weedlife is one of the most economical means of promoting their products due to the low-cost ad campaigns they could launch here.

  • Budhubz 

This is an online community where all types of weed enthusiasts and sage potheads come together to share their knowledge about the cannabis industry, including but not limited to medical and technological advancements, social and agricultural progress, and cultural and pop culture references. Budhubz is a one-stop shop for anyone who likes to know beyond the norms of the industry. 

  • 420 Magazine

420 Magazine is an online source containing everything one needs to know about the cannabis industry. It contains international news about Marijuana, cannabis scientific and medical articles, growing and cultivation papers, reviews and forums, tutorials, galleries, FAQs, cultural movement news, etc. The platform has been promoting cannabis awareness since 1993.

  • High There  

The brilliant play on words in their name certainly pertains to the Tinder dating app combined with the baked feeling one gets from smoking the good stuff.  What more could anyone ask for? The High There app is designed for people looking to find serious or casual dating experiences or for those looking for peer groups consisting of like-minded cannabis enthusiasts. Looks good? Swipe right then.

  • WeedMaps 

This app is available to both Android and IOS users. WeedMaps certainly delivers the services offered by its namesake.  The map feature directs users to find cannabis dispensaries, pop-culture weed shops, head shops, and other cannabis-related interests. Cannabis businesses can offer their merchandise and services through this app. The app will then serve as the platform where consumers and retailers can have a seamless experience processing their transactions.

Plenty of other social media platforms and online forums are specifically designed to cater to cannabis businesses. These include:

Cautionary Tips for Cannabis Social Media Marketing

Ordering cannabis online entails the use of cannabis social media marketing. it’s important to be cautious and strategic in handling campaigns. This is largely due to the various legal and regulatory challenges surrounding the cannabis industry.

It is important to understand legal restrictions based on different regions, states, and countries, as each has regulations and restrictions concerning the cannabis industry. Some impose strict regulations on what is allowed to be advertised to which age groups. Thus, it is a good practice to refrain from producing ads appealing to the younger audience. 

The Future of Cannabis Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing in the Cannabis Industry is slowly but surely becoming mainstream. Remember that marketing this industry within social media platforms would eventually be at par with how all other products are being marketed. Globally used online marketing strategies like search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, website funneling, mainstream influencer utilization, and paid ads would soon be used to advance the already thriving cannabis industry further. Thus, this entails a better way for potheads in ordering cannabis online.

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