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Coming Out of the Green Closet: Parenting Beyond Stereotypes

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla.  —  An increasing number of mothers are turning to cannabis as a wellness tool to navigate the trials of parenting, with many of these “cannamoms” openly accepting cannabis as an integral part of their lives as parents. They have stepped out of the “green closet,” proudly reshaping the parenting narrative and debunking historic stereotypes.

The Significance of Cannabis for ‘Cannamoms’

Since California legalized cannabis for adult use in 2016, many mothers, affectionately called “cannamoms,” have turned to cannabis to navigate parenthood’s intricacies. Danielle Simone Brand, the author of The Weed Mom, took the plunge, discovering that cannabis enhanced her capacity for patience, presence, and creativity when engaging with her children. 

She observed that mothers using cannabis are not a new phenomenon. While writing her book for mainstream moms unaware of cannabis, existing cannamoms emerged, expressing the need for affirmation that cannabis can coexist with responsible parenting.

Operating in their own silos, these moms found tangible benefits, with cannabis allowing them to set aside daily stressors and attune themselves to their children’s needs and experiences. Feeling a need to share, many of these cannamoms have even become active participants in online communities, contributing to the growing green closet movement.

Creating Safe Spaces

In 2018, researcher Heather McIlvaine-Newsad discovered cannamoms through Facebook groups. These discussion groups, now numbering over two dozen with thousands of members, have been running for several years. McIlvaine-Newsad, an anthropology professor and co-founder of Western Illinois University’s cannabis and culture minor, observed the emergence of this social movement. She highlighted that cannamoms bring to light an unspoken truth: women, including mothers, are incorporating cannabis into their daily lives. They are using various products ranging from cannabis-infused drinks,  and THC CBD cannabis gummies to CBD (cannabidiol) products.

Facing the Stigma

Despite their numerous benefits, cannamoms often encounter societal stigma, as they are unfairly judged as “bad moms” or viewed as setting a negative example for their children. The green closet stigma varies in intensity across different communities, compelling many cannamoms to exercise caution when discussing their cannabis use, fearing possible judgment and any action that would stir the pot rules. 

Numerous cannamoms simply stand proud, dispelling the widespread misconception about cannabis usage. Contrary to popular belief, they do not indulge or smoke pot to get high or busy, knowing the best way to smoke pot or smoke a bowl. Instead, they conscientiously employ cannabis to enhance their functionality while embracing its calming effects responsibly. 

Having Said That…

Parenting is challenging. Moms may require additional breaks because of parental exhaustion. It’s a state of continuous parenting stress that results in physical or mental weariness. 

Parents often find themselves juggling various acts like the ringmaster of a circus, but the show must go on. Parental burnout is a problem that occurs to many parents without a respite between episodes, and it’s particularly common among mothers. How moms tell when they need a break? And how can they regain their sense of being centered?

One thing’s for certain, suffering alone in the Green Closet is not the solution. Every parent–even cannamoms–should celebrate the Global Day of Parents out in the open, where the sky is blue and grass is green.


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