Elevate Your Beverage Game with THC Drinks

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) – Looking to crack open a cold one with the gang but not looking forward to the inevitable hangover? Bid farewell to morning-after lethargy and say hello to the world of weed drinks. What might have seemed like another fad in the cannabis industry has made it crystal clear: THC drinks are here to stay another day.

Are THC Drinks Worth It?

As a newcomer to the cannabis world, THC drinks face many questions. Why bother drinking weed when a joint works perfectly fine? Most stoners would agree that rolling a blunt isn’t always the most socially acceptable at fancy gatherings.

Imagine if a beverage in hand at a 420 party had the same uplifting effects as weed. Weed drinks are a convenient way to share the fun in public without whipping out rolling paper and a grinder. Simply pour a glass for a fellow stoner and wait for that satisfying head high that’s on the way.

As they say, good things take time; the same applies to THC drinks. Like other edibles and infused foods, weed drinks take a while to kick in, making it the best way to pace oneself for a long night of socializing. While the effects may be slow-acting, it’s most definitely long-lasting. Consumers have shared that THC-infused drinks can last six hours upwards. 

THC Beverages To Try Out

Beginning the THC drink journey, Klaus is reminiscent of a crisp Moscow mule with its spicy and unique flavors. With about 1mg CB and 5mg THC per can, this THC cocktail is a surefire way to elevate any chill afternoon or late-night event. To top it all off, Klaus recently scored gold at the High Spirit Awards, cementing its gold-star status in the long line of THC beverages.

THC Soda

For soda fans, Jones Soda Co. is full of surprises with its Mary Jones line of infused drinks. Enjoy their classic bestsellers, such as Root Beer and Berry Lemonade, but with a pleasing buzz that comes with each sip. Take it easy with these bad boys – one might accidentally chug one of their 100mg THC cans! 

THC Energy Drinks

Energy drink lovers will surely enjoy a different kind of buzz with Keef’s Energy Beverages. This innovative product line offers two types: High Octane with 100mg or Flo with just 10mg of THC. With a drink for both beginner stoners and seasoned smokers, Keef’s has risen through the ranks of THC drinks. 

THC-Infused Coffee

If coffee has become a must-have morning ritual, the cannabis world is brewing up a good deal. Jane’s Brew Cannabis-Infused Coffee brings the best of both worlds of the caffeine kick and calming THC sensation. These convenient coffee pods are ready to brighten up any stoner’s morning.

THC Sparkling Water 

Looking for a zero-calorie and zero-sugar option to drink without guilt? Fulton’s fruit-flavored sparkling water comes with a dash of THC, just 4.20 mg, to ease anyone into a mellowed-out mood. 

Final Thoughts 

While THC drinks are taking the industry by storm, there are still caveats for responsible consumption. Double-check local policies before kicking back and trying out a drink. Even if it may be legal in the states of production, it might not be as legal when it arrives at the doorsteps of unaware customers. 

With the rising trend of THC drinks, the endless options of drinking weed are certainly a good sign for the bright future of the cannabis industry. Cheers to the future of THC drinks!

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