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Festivals, Cannabis & More: Happy First Day of Fall!

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) — Happy First Day of Fall! Feel that crispness in the air? The shortening days? Autumn has rolled around once again. It’s time to soak up all the magic that fall brings. Fall festivals celebrate the brilliant colors and cooling temps. From apple orchards to haunted trails, so many festive activities await with family and friends. Break out the sweaters, brew some spiced cider, and prepare for an autumn full of adventure! 

Start the countdown to the official fall kickoff. How many days until the first day of fall? Only 12 more days until the long-awaited autumnal equinox arrives. Happy first day of fall!

Festive Fall and Halloween

Fall and Halloween are a dynamic duo. What better way to revel in the spooky atmosphere than by going to a harvest festival? These seasonal celebrations are packed with quintessential autumn fun. Carve jack-o’-lanterns with pals, show off creative costumes in a contest, or decorate the whole house for the ultimate Halloween bash. However one chooses to commemorate the season, choosing the festive side will always win.

Visiting an apple orchard is a time-honored fall activity. Find the perfect pumpkin to transform into a jack-o’-lantern masterpiece.

Many orchards also offer hayrides, corn mazes, and more. Meander through the fields, pose for photos with the picture-perfect backdrops, and delight in classic fall flavors like caramel apples and fresh apple cider.

Cannabis Lovers’ Perfect Seasonal Activities

For potheads, fall presents many exciting ways to enjoy the season. Check out an outdoor autumn concert, unwind, and absorb the vibrant changing leaves. Sample infused edibles like pumpkin spice bites or maple syrups that deliver an extra touch of autumnal flavor. Microdosing while hiking, surrounded by nature’s splendor, or doing some outdoor yoga can be deeply rejuvenating. A cozy movie night with friends featuring cannabis treats is ideal for rainy days. 

After thrills, haunted houses are a must-do. Have a spine-tingling movie marathon at home or visit an elaborately designed haunted attraction for a night of shrieks and scares. Gather the most courageous friends and family to brave the terrors together. The chilling memories will linger long after Halloween passes.

For a more relaxed time, host a mulled wine gathering or autumnal wine tasting. Sip spiced wine and absorb the comforting flavors of fall while spending quality time with loved ones. Pair it with an epic charcuterie spread for optimum flavor bliss.

Fall festival activities also provide a chance to admire nature’s artwork, as leaves transform into vivid hues. Organize fun 420 activities such as a mountain hike with friends to behold amazing views at the foliage peak. Pitch a tent, pop open a beer, and chat the afternoon away, enveloped in autumn’s beauty.

Before a happy first day of fall arrives, make the most of every festive moment. From apple orchards to haunted trails, so many ways exist to revel in autumn’s arrival with family and friends. Show off costumes, sculpt jack-o’-lanterns, and indulge in all the delicious fall flavors. Get excited and have an advanced happy first day of fall!

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