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Shattering Stereotypes: Women In Cannabis Break the Green Closet

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) — This ain’t your Daddy’s cannabis industry. But is it your Momma’s? While male dominance has long characterized certain industries, women in cannabis have shattered glass ceilings and redefined the narrative. The cannabis sector is experiencing a dynamic shift, with the ganja goddesses cultivating a cannabis revolution, breaking through the glass barriers of what many have called “the green closet” with the force of a bong hit. 

A High-Ly Powerful Heritage

Women have been harnessing the power of cannabis since the time of Hatshepsut, the revered female Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Throughout history, women have embraced the plant’s medicinal properties, harnessing its therapeutic potential for alleviating pain and stress. Moreover, notable women such as anthropologist Margaret Mead and poet Maya Angelou have contributed their influential voices to the advocacy for the legalization of cannabis.

Trailblazing Women-Owned Brands

Today, a new generation of female leaders is blazing progress trails in the green closet. Here are some of the leading women-owned cannabis brands that are making a difference in the industry:

1. Leune 

This is a California-based 420 lifestyle brand founded by Nidhi Lucky Handa. More than just “getting high,” LEUNE creates a holistic experience tailored to diverse preferences. For exceptional flavor profiles, stoners can explore LEUNE’s Desert Gold, a tropical sativa-heavy hybrid.

2.  KIVA Confections

This a California-based brand that aims to redefine what a cannabis confection can be. This was spearheaded by Kristi Knoblich Palmer in 2010. From their artisanal chocolate-making methods to their inventive take on cannabis infused gummies, KIVA has dedicated their brand to crafting delicious, trustworthy, premium edibles that feel good about eating.

3. Poplar

This is another famous brand created by Beryl Solomon. Poplar expertly curates cannabis wellness products and experiences. Beryl’s journey with cannabis began in 2017 when she integrated it into her health regimen, reducing her pharmaceutical anti-anxiety/antidepressant dosage. Her mission is to break the stigma surrounding marijuana and demonstrate its transformative power in enriching lives.

4. Aster Farms 

Julia Jacobson, the CEO and founder of this brand made it possible to create a sustainable cannabis company like Aster Farms. Committed to responsible farming, they prioritize live-soil cultivation and organic inputs, harnessing the power of nature itself. Whether for medicinal or recreational use, Aster Farms believes in ensuring the trustworthiness of the cannabis consumed.

Breaking the Green Closet

These women-owned brands are just a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and holistic wellness continues to shape the future of cannabis and its positive impact on individuals’ lives. 

Checking out the brands of women cannabis entrepreneurs is one of the many incredible women’s equality day event ideas. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to find the best cannabis products and edibles for today’s cannamoms who want to explore the other side of the green closet

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