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A New Weed News Platform Blooms

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A New Weed News Platform Blooms

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – After years of illegality, the marijuana business has evolved into a vibrant culture of eager enthusiasts ready to burst forth from the shadows with their blazing passion. Gone are the days of secrecy and stigma. For those weed lovers,, the pioneering news-aggregation business, got the inside scoop with an unwavering focus on validating the cannabis lifestyle with fresh news, the funniest weed-related stories, and life-affirming content dedicated to Mary Jane.

The website,, offers an exclusive glimpse into permeating the lives of countless Americans, catering to both recreational and medicinal use. With the growing public acceptance, the editorial vision will be fun, accepting, and confident. Unveiling insights, advice, and laughter, staff writers and contributors will regale readers with funny tales, the wackiest narratives, boundless curiosity, abundant positive energy with hilarious memes, eye-catching visuals, and awesome greeting cards.

According to the visionary mind behind the website, Russ Quick, as marijuana sweeps across more states, it’s high time for users to emerge from a secretive lifestyle to one that shines brighter and more diverse as any in today’s America.

The marijuana industry already has a whopping $16.7 billion business, growing at a rate of 25.4% yearly. By 2030, it’ll be a mind-boggling $72 billion. That means more Americans—18% or 48.2 million people–are actively participating in the weed culture. Plus, 38 states, three territories, and even the District of Columbia. have given the thumbs-up to medical cannabis and recreational use.

“We’ve got that ‘secret sauce’ to keep readers and advertisers lining up at our door,” said Angel Abcede, senior editor of “It’s a new weed news website focusing on fun, where laughter echoes a little louder, curiosity sparks anew, and good vibes are always on the menu.”

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