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Budding Business Unite: The Best Cannabis Business Social Network

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla.As the number of cannabis consumers grows, so does the variety of cannabis products. 

From CBD-infused lotions to cannabis cocktails, the possible array of health and wellness products is limitless. Various cannabis business social network have showcased top cannabis products in the market today. Even different marijuana industry news has reported the medicinal benefits of these CBD-derived products on some diseases. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to moisturize and pair our body’s receptors with the correct ratio of CBG, THC, CBN, and CBD that can potentially provide various medical benefits?

Cannabis users today may not be the stereotypical recreational toker. Many may use cannabis or CBD-infused products for possible health benefits. Either way, overall attitudes about marijuana are certainly helping the popularity of cannabis in general. They are finding the cannabis connection every pothead has enjoyed in their 420 lifestyles.

According to a recent poll, 88% of American adults support to federally legalize cannabis crops and the marijuana business. That’s right – more than two-thirds of us are on board with the green wave. The growing acceptance of cannabis among consumers has opened up new opportunities for businesses in the industry to scale up. Even celebstoners like Mike Tyson, Seth Rogen, Snoop Dogg 420, and the likes have launched cannabis brands as they believe the plant offers humanity various benefits.

Meanwhile, new research and studies from Colorado Innovation show that what is known as“minor cannabinoids,” or cannabis derivatives other than THC and CBD versions, are gaining ground. Part of the reason is specificity. For instance, new CBG/CBD/THC blend formulas target particular health and wellness needs, such as obesity, sleeplessness, and nausea. 

The marijuana industry is opening doors to endless possibilities with                                                          consumer packaged goods and end users. Creative cannabis marketing has been created to engage the public on the importance of weed. The result is a pool of cannabis users ranging from those with what many call “bud passion” to the weed market because of their new body lotion. So whether you’re a professional budtender or a cannabis chef, soccer mom, or stock-room clerk, cannabis products and the weed business, in general, are steadily expanding across multiple demographics.

Top Platforms for Cannabis Business Social Network

The concept of a cannabis business social network emerged nearly immediately after legalization gained traction. Cannabis social media is a tremendously successful success, with millions of daily users, whether for reviewing the newest cannabis strains, sharing updates with online buddies, or keeping track of your favorite dispensary’s posts. Here are the top cannabis business social network platforms for the cannabis industry to watch out for:


This cannabis business social network is frequently called the “cannabis Facebook”; this description is not far from reality. The 2013-born website serves as a hangout and business social network. Users can read how-to tips and product reviews while keeping up with the most recent news stories. 

Businesses may sample the greatest cannabis trends and discover cutting-edge goods before they become popular. This is more than an opportunity to stay on top of recent news. 


This is a business-focused cannabis social network that was established in 2018. Less talk of recreational use and greater emphasis on developing a company or investing in the cannabis industry will be found.

LeafWire may be a game-changing platform for growing your dispensary or cultivation business, with a strong focus on bringing potential investors and cannabis businesses together. There are already 250,000 employees in the cannabis industry, generating a sizable pool of prospective investors and business owners.

GrassCity Forums

It’s true that GrassCity Forums, the oldest cannabis business social network currently in existence, started as a place for cannabis farmers to share their experiences and acquire new skills. 

This cannabis industry social network emerged alongside the sector. It developed into a central location where cannabis users and businesses could interact, share experiences, and trade product reviews. It is not just for growers, but it is still a priceless tool for cultivation companies.


Any successful cannabis business leader who wants to increase their online visibility and rapidly and efficiently reach new audiences must use social media. Think about using a variety of channels, but make sure the material is constantly interesting, practical, and pertinent to the target audience.

Particularly when promoting, pay attention to each platform’s many advantages and limitations. Utilize social media as part of a holistic marketing plan to increase sales of cannabis-related goods and services by following these best practices.

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— Story Filed By 420CanNews Staff

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