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Cannabis Dispensary Digital Marketing Agency Hiring Tips

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Any busy street is a good place for a cannabis dispensary digital marketing agency to make money. As more shops open, the competition gets tougher. You lose tens of thousands of dollars every month if you don’t have a good map listing or SEO. You don’t need a full digital marketing plan if you enjoy marketing and have the time to do it yourself.

Cannabis business owners know that a cannabis digital marketing agency is important. You must also pay attention to how the business works. No one person can master digital marketing, keep up with changes in the industry, improve marketing KPIs, and stay away from techniques that hurt the brand.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Firm for a Dispensary?

In the MarketingProfs study, insufficient in-house marketing expertise was cited as a reason to hire an outside cannabis dispensary digital marketing agency. And it’s not just for small businesses just starting: As the infographic shows, most surveyed companies depend on external marketing teams for their expertise. It includes both large and small companies and B2B organizations.

Hiring a marketing company is like getting smart people for cheap. The best dispensary internet marketing has a lot of institutional knowledge from a lot of experience. Because they only do marketing, they can help you reach your goals quickly, effectively, and with as much brainpower as possible to solve problems.


Sometimes money is all that matters. You can’t spend a dime when you’re having trouble with money, unplanned expenses, or other problems. Hiring a marketing agency costs money upfront, but in the long run, it saves money.

Getting a new worker costs a lot of money. Besides the time you spend reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and training new hires, there are other costs: Benefits and legal costs, like Social Security, for full-time workers, as well as future “soft costs.”


Money is time. You can get up to speed much faster when you hire a cannabis dispensary digital marketing agency instead of building your own team. By their very nature, marketing agencies are flexible and able to change. You can’t wait to get more customers when cash flow is important.

Dispensaries vary. We all have different ideas for our company, and the state laws about cannabis digital marketing aren’t clear. A digital marketing agency for a dispensary must be quick and able to change. Because things move quickly in the digital world, you can’t wait for results.

Red Flags

The MarketingProfs study also has some gems that are hard to find. Warning signs are very important when looking for a good digital marketing agency.

The Best Ways to Promote your Cannabis Dispensary

Do you need more help with your marketing to grow and thrive? Here are just a few ways we can help.

Web Design and E-Commerce for Dispensaries

Every dispensary needs a website that looks good, loads quickly, and is set up for mobile browsing. With a unique web design and e-commerce services, you must click a button to get a new website for your business.

A good website tells potential customers your business does and gives them important details like hours, sales, new shipments, and more. You can sell things right from your site with a secure e-commerce interface and plugins to handle shipping, inventory, and other online retail needs.

Services for SEO in Cannabis

There are a lot of cannabis-related websites online right now, so how can you help people find your content? SEO helps people find your business, website, brand, and products or services more easily.

Dispensary Local SEO 

All traffic to your website is great, but if you want new customers, you also need to use local SEO. Local customers will come to your business if you list it in local directories, improve your Google Business Profile, and take other marketing steps.

Paid Advertising in a Dispensary

There are a lot of rules about this product area, so running ads requires specialized skills and knowledge. A professional company can help you choose the right keywords, target the right audience, and ensure your copy and graphics are okay with the platform.

Email Marketing for a Dispensary

Will a user who leaves your website ever come back? Customized email marketing campaigns will give your leads a reason to come back.

Management of a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile can help local SEO. This platform shows the name of your business, how to contact you, when you’re open, and other basic information. This architecture makes it more likely that you will appear in Google’s coveted “local pack.”

The Advantages of Working with a Cannabis Marketing Agency

We suggest you work with a cannabis dispensary digital marketing agency focusing on cannabis. When they get a new client, all-in-one agencies must start from scratch. A cannabis marketing company ranks websites that people use to look for dispensaries.