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Celebrate World Wide Web Day the 420 Way

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla – As people run their Google searches or “like” their friends’ posts on Instagram or Facebook this August 1, little do they know it’s officially  World Wide Web Day, what for many stoners should be a celebration of online convenience.

As an essential part of a stoner’s life, the Internet is a proven necessity. It is a powerful tool for facilitating communication, providing access to information, and making purchases and deliveries simpler. But how did the World Wide Web even come to be?

In 1992, the European Organization for Nuclear Research uploaded the first image to the World Wide Web, also known as CERN. The photo featured Les Horribles Cernettes, an ironic pop band composed of CERN employees. World Wide Web Day honors the invaluable technological advances since the Internet’s conception.

More than 30 years later, the weed community has found a haven in the digital sphere. The rise of weed delivery services has allowed anyone to simply open a phone and order from a cannabis delivery app.

Before Rolling Up To Buy Weed

World Wide Web Day sheds light on the importance of staying safe when transacting online. With countless scams on the Internet, it’s better to be safe than sorry when searching for the next best hit.

Before ordering from an online service, a little research can go a long way. Get to know the history, reputation, and customer reviews of the dispensary. It has become far too easy to fabricate an online presence, so watch out for any red flags. 

On the flip side, there are several “green” flags to look out for when ordering from even the best weed apps. Look for genuine weed reviews from verified websites. This confirms that third-party businesses or organizations can vouch for the service. Credible brands also have the proper documentation and certification available on their websites. 

After verifying the weed delivery service, people should choose from the wide selection of weed variants to fit their needs. Nothing can beat the classic joint, but there is no harm in trying out that new cannabis gummy or a vape pen to break out of a routine. As with any new best cannabis products, start with a low dose to prevent an unsavory experience.

Lastly, most weed apps will require identity verification. Users should be ready to present a valid ID confirming name and age. Be sure to check for data privacy policies to protect your information.

Finding a Weed Delivery App

While preferences can be subjective, there are certainly some factors to prioritize when settling on a cannabis delivery app. For starters, the affordability, accessibility, and availability of strains should be considered. Word-of-mouth testimonials and customer reviews are also must-checks before deciding to buy. Make the most out of World Wide Web Day by scoring the best weed from safe and verified weed delivery apps today.


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