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Coffee and Weed–Perfect Indeed!

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A recently sponsored bill in the State Assembly may allow cafe cannabis similar to those in Amsterdam to open in California. The retail solution may be the perfect blend of coffee and weed for stoners and coffee aficionados. The bill, introduced by Assemblyman Matt Haney, a Democrat from San Francisco, would permit a marijuana-related business to offer food and beverages and live music performances.

Part of the reason Assembly Bill 374 emerged was to restore California as the world’s weed capital, according to Forbes and other reports. The legislation hopes to imitate the traditional cafe cannabis made famous in Amsterdam, where clients may buy weed, croissants, and coffee. Such a move would also assist struggling weed firms in diversifying their retail offerings in a crowded pot market.

Further, the state’s legalized weed sector is moving forward with the development of lounges where people can use cannabis on-site. Imagine dining at a restaurant where patrons  could select a pre-rolled joint from the menu and light it up at your table, ending the meal with an order of coffee and weed. Coffeeholics who are weedheads would love to spend time in a place where a 420 lifestyle is widely accepted.

Such cannabis lounges are already open in West Hollywood, San Francisco, and Palm Springs. Additionally, many smaller Californian cities consider permitting them to boost tax income and draw tourists. There are 13 cannabis lounges in San Francisco; however, they are not permitted to serve non-cannabis-infused food or drink. The law would allow these establishments to operate more like wine bars or pubs. However, purchasing alcohol would remain prohibited.

Regardless, 420 enthusiasts are rejoicing about the presence of cafe cannabis in California. Thus the saying, “Coffee in my cup, weed in my blunt!”. What a wake-and-bake moment for stoners.

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