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Studying Pot: Undergraduate Research Grants

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LOS ANGELESFor students hunting for research funding on everything from Delta 8, Delta 8 dosage and Delta-10 to the genetics of marijuana,  California officials have allocated nearly $20 million to 16 state colleges for undergraduate research grants. According to a news release, the grantees were chosen from 98 bids based on their sound methodology, the potential to impact policy, advance public understanding, and capacity to conduct cannabis and cannabinoid research.

Multiple awards were given to several schools. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) was one of the winners of $9.5 million to study medicinal marijuana use, the effects of smoking concentrates and flowers, interactions between cannabis and CBD, and the levels of synthetic and semi-synthetic cannabinoids that cause intoxication. The undergraduate research grants had been proven beneficial, as they also broke ground on new marijuana theories from  UCLA and other renowned universities.

The University of California, San Diego, was also awarded $917,000 to carry out a four-year experiment investigating the impact of cannabinoids on cognitive, psychiatric, and neurological outcomes in young adults and a separate investigation on the relationship between cannabis usage and adolescent mental health. To identify, preserve, and document the heritage, worth, and diversity of rural California’s cannabis genetics and their communities, Cal Poly Humboldt was given $2.7 million. Next, the University of California Irvine will receive $2 million to research how quickly high THC levels affect mood, cognition, and abuse potential.

Rasha Salama, chief deputy director at the state’s Department of Cannabis Control, said in a statement that “the department’s aspiration was for these studies to advance the body of scientific research, further our understanding of cannabis, and aid in the continued development and refinement of the legal framework.” She added that these studies will offer insightful information on matters of concern to California consumers, companies, and decision-makers. Support to increase research and development grants is a big leap towards discovering what cannabis has to contribute to the general welfare.


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