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Go Green If You’re Feeling Blue: CBD for Anxiety and OCD

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“Marijuana is like rock ‘n’ roll,” says neuroscientist Staci Gruber; “It’s here to stay.”

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Staci Gruber, a Harvard professor, Ph.D., led a pioneering project called Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery, MIND. The study’s goal was to determine what happens to the brain structure using cutting-edge neuroimaging techniques when a cannabis user with anxiety smokes a whole plant with high CBD tincture. It led to a major breakthrough wherein the best strains of cannabis and tinctures of CBD for anxiety and OCD has been found to have a calming effect resulting to anxiety shrinkage.

Research and studies show growing evidence that pot can positively affect brain circuits involved in stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. There have been marijuana gummies for anxiety and sleep and many other best edibles for anxiety to help such mind-boggling conditions. Now, imagine a realm where laughter reigns supreme, stress is, but a distant memory, and joy occurs through every neuron.

According to Gruber, many of her recreational users say they are happy with the effect of marijuana because it changes their mental state. While on the other hand, many of her medical marijuana patients told her they didn’t want to get high: They believe that social anxiety drawing negative energy to their lives makes them feel restless and out of direction. Using the best CBD for anxiety and OCD is what they need  to feel better but not high. 

Not only do patients report feeling less anxious, but they also see an improvement in their cognitive performance and decreased dependence on meds. 

Cause of OCD and Anxiety

Although each person’s unique circumstances will determine the specific reason of their OCD, severe anxiety, excessive concern, and persistent or high levels of stress all seem to exacerbate the condition. Therefore, seeking OCD treatment is the only way to make sure that your OCD symptoms have been adequately handled. However, keep in mind that treating OCD can be difficult. As a result, the most effective treatment for OCD typically involves a combination of therapies, including medication, therapy, lifestyle changes, and/or self-help tools.

But lately, many have started using “alternative therapies,” including CBD, to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and OCD. Because it is natural and free from major side effects like those sometimes associated with anti-anxiety medications, CBD is a popular option for those with anxiety disorders like OCD. CBD has received accolades for its ability to relieve stress and fight anxiety, both of which are necessary for easing OCD symptoms.

The Best CBD for Anxiety and OCD

The various forms of CBD include gummies, patches, oils, and tinctures. No form has been shown to be more effective than the others. It’s likely that the shape is less significant than the amount of CBD per serving.

Although CBD may have health advantages on its own, other research suggests that combining CBD with THC and other substances in cannabis called terpenes may increase such benefits. Frequently, this phenomenon is referred to as “the entourage effect.”

Other Alternatives to Cure Anxiety and OCD

The management of OCD compulsions, phobias, and worry can be greatly aided by maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Routinely moving around. By retraining your mind when intrusive thoughts and compulsions develop, exercise is a safe and effective anti-anxiety treatment that helps to control OCD symptoms. 

In addition to supplements, lifestyle changes like yoga, acupuncture, and mindfulness meditation may also be beneficial. These are just a few of the many things that one can do to help them with their daily struggle of anxiety, depression and OCD other than the use of CBD.

The Bottomline

Anxiety sucks big time but with the help of CBD for anxiety and OCD problems, life is a bit bearable. CBD engages a person’s endocannabinoid system to enhance ones health and the condition of their body. These marijuana gummies for anxiety and sleep are just a few of the many wonders from CBD which works by interacting with your neurotransmitters to make you feel more at ease, less uncomfortable, happier, and more rested. 

So the next time you feel blue, perhaps you need a dose of something green!


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