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Ida-high or Ida-low? Is Weed Legal in Idaho?

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BOISE, Idaho (420CanNews) —  Idaho is the land of potatoes, wide-open spaces, and the dubious honor of being one of the last states without legal weed. Is weed legal in Idaho?  Enter Kind Idaho, the plucky advocacy group on a mission to change this “highly” unique status quo. With signature-collecting efforts that could give even the most dedicated joint-roller a run for their money, Kind Idaho is determined to bring medical cannabis to the Gem State. Joe Evans, the group’s treasurer, believes it’s high time to legalize medical cannabis for cardholders in the state. But will Idahoans embrace the cannabis revolution, or will they remain, quite literally, the odd ones out in the cannabis carnival?

A Rocky Road to Reefer Reform

Kind Idaho isn’t the first to attempt to liberate Idahoans from their cannabis-free purgatory. Over the past decade, various efforts at Idaho weed legalization have increased faster than a hastily rolled spliff. From petition pitfalls to ballot blunders, the journey to reefer reform has resembled a lousy trip.

But the group is hoping to break this streak. Last year, they launched a new campaign to get their proposal on the 2024 ballot, and this time, they’re eyeing success. A recent poll found that a staggering 68% of Idaho adults support the idea of weed legalization in Idaho, particularly medical cannabis. Could the tides be turning?

Not The Average Pot Party

Kind Idaho has to rustle up around 63,000 signatures from registered voters before April 14th next year. And that’s no small task, especially when you’re in a state as dry as a hemp farm in a drought. Idaho proudly holds its place among the five states where cannabis is as legal as a unicorn. But Kind Idaho isn’t backing down; they’ve been at this for a decade, and their dedication is unparalleled. Will the question, “Is weed legal in Idaho?” finally elicit an unequivocal affirmative response? Everyone is watching the horizon for change, which may be coming. 

Joe Evans and his crew are keen to clarify: their initiative isn’t about ushering in a stoner utopia. Instead, they focus on providing relief and recovery to those in need, pushing them to espouse the essence of weed legal in Idaho sooner. Idaho is increasingly surrounded by states embracing recreational marijuana, prompting a push for medical cannabis. Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Montana have all thrown their hats into the cannabis ring, leaving Idaho sandwiched between legal green pastures. The result? Many Idaho residents have been making cannabis pilgrimages across state lines.

Businesses in Ontario, Oregon, a stone’s throw from Boise, have been booming, serving Idahoans in search of legal weed. It’s become a peculiar situation where politicians in Boise insist there’s no legal cannabis while dispensaries in Ontario thrive. Steve Meland, owner of Hotbox Farms, aptly sums it up: “Of course, they are serving a broader market.”

Can Idahoans Purchase Weed in Other States?

In other states, Idaho residents can buy legal recreational and medical marijuana. Anyone purchasing recreational marijuana in Oregon, Washington, or any other state where marijuana is legal must be at least 21 years old, just like anyone purchasing alcohol.

Leading the Charge

As Idahoans cross borders to taste legal weed and the cannabis industry in neighboring states flourishes, Kind Idaho remains undeterred. Their determined efforts could be the spark needed to ignite Idaho’s cannabis revolution.

They might just be the “kind” force that finally brings legal weed to the Gem State. And who knows, soon, Idahoans might be trading tater tots for pot brownies. Idaho could quickly join the states where the answer to “Is weed legal in Idaho?” will finally be a resounding “yes.”

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 — Story Filed By 420CanNews Staff

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