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NCAA’s Puff Puff Pass: Brian Hainline Considers MJ Policy Change

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INDIANAPOLIS (420CanNews) —  The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) could be making a potentially game-changing shift, causing a buzz among college sports enthusiasts. The NCAA committee and Chief Medical Officer Brian Hainline, in an effort to improve the health and well-being of student-athletes, are putting forth a groundbreaking proposal: to give marijuana a break and remove it from the banned substance list.

The change goes against, the World Anti-Doping Agency and skeptics who have seriously misunderstood this herb.

The NCAA’s Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports (CSMAS) is actively seeking input from its members this summer. They eagerly seek valuable feedback as part of a larger effort to implement a plan by fall. Well, it looks like the NCAA is taking a giant ‘toke’ in making marijuana use acceptable. 

But, before passing the peace pipe around, all three governing divisions within the NCAA need to give a nod to this idea. The spark for this radical initiative came from Divisions II and III, who were curious if drug tests should only focus on those performance-enhancing goodies.

The committee and Brian Hainline are boldly approaching the Board of Governors as the cannabis revolution gathers momentum. They’re advocating for a temporary pause on THC testing during the championships. It’s like a chill break for the athletes, allowing them to embrace their inner stoner spirit without fearing a THC hit. 

The NCAA and Brian Hainline want healthier, happier athletes, minus the hassle of marijuana bans. They emphasized that marijuana is not a magical elixir for enhancing performance. Their focus lies in promoting safety. Furthermore, this provides an opportunity to tackle any emerging concerns related to cannabis use among athletes. With cannabis out of the penalty box, the NCAA can finally give athletes the ultimate playbook for responsible toking.

The Greener Side of Sports

As cannabis gradually gains acceptance globally, sports organizations also embrace this shift. The NBA eliminated the THC testing requirement and even permitted players to explore opportunities in the industry. In the meantime, leagues such as UFC and NFL are becoming more lenient with their cannabis regulations. 

The Kansas City Royals have joined forces with the best CBD brand in a remarkable move, spreading knowledge about its potential therapeutic benefits. Taking a cue from the Chicago Cubs, they’ve stepped up to the plate as the second Major League Baseball team to embrace this partnership. These teams know that hitting it out of the park isn’t just for home runs.  Whether it’s a slam dunk or a fumble, this change could be a game-changer for athletes and the cannabis community.

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