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Cool Smoking Accessories: AllStuff420®’s Illuminating Ashtrays

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Spark it up, puff puff, and away! Cool ashtrays are necessary for all stoners and are a lot of fun to collect. Many marijuana enthusiasts take their ash-disposal game up a notch, choosing weed ashtrays over traditional ones.

According to legend, King Henry V received a gift of cigars from Spain, which had been importing tobacco from Cuba since the late 1400s. After finding them to his liking, he developed smoking accessories, creating the first documented ashtray to contain the ash and stubs. The smoking accessory has been with him for the rest of his life.

Early in the 19th century, the most notable examples of smoking accessories like ashtrays existed. By the end of the Victorian era, which lasted from 1850 to 1910, they were widely used. Early in the 20th century, ashtrays started to take on more designs. Ashtrays have a far more recent history than smoking. Thus, ashtray design had progressed to create models on various scales for all smoking habits.

While a lighter or matches are one of the most used smoking accessories, ashtrays allow for a tidy collection of ash and stubs. Still, they can also become lovely home décor items in and of themselves and occasionally perform dual duty as catch-alls, incense holders, or stash boxes.

Ashtrays are useful not only for minimizing litter but also for preventing avoidable fires that might develop when cigarettes are thrown into garbage cans. Further, a personalized glass ashtray or even an AllStuff420®’s cool illuminating ashtray is a useful and stylish gift that will likely be well appreciated and, more importantly, utilized regularly.

There are countless cool ashtrays available in every imaginable design and shape. AllStuff420® has the best smoking accessories, including an illuminating ashtray that is wide-rimmed and has four rest spaces featuring mirrored LED technology.  AllStuff420® also offers other smoking accessories like grinders, lighters, and stash boxes.  Visit them today to get the latest offers!

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