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Pot O’Clock: The Best Ways to Get High Based On The Time

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla (420CanNews) – Deciding when to host the next personal hotbox session can be quite the pickle. Everyone knows that the best time to get high is when the cravings hit, but when is it really the most optimal time to smoke up? Is it the classic wake and bake? Or the cheeky 4:20 appointment? Sit back and check out what are the recommended the best ways to get high throughout the day.

Smoking Up 24/7


      • Morning Highs

    Wipe off that extra layer of sleepiness with a refreshing hit to perk up the morning. Smoking up in the morning is a must for anyone coming down from a wild night; weed can help alleviate feelings of lethargy or nausea. When coming from a long night of working, a potent Sativa strain can shake off the tiredness and give that extra boost to kickstart the day.

    Naturally, a joint might not be a great idea for anyone who doesn’t want the weed smell lingering at work, so a cannabis gummy or a tincture would be a better idea for the morning. When dealing with the obvious red-eye conundrum, be sure to have some eye drops handy to dodge some unwanted attention.


        • Right After Work

      Picture this: it’s been a stressful day full of meetings or a particularly harrowing day dealing with “Karen” clients. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend the rest of the night dreading the next work day. So why not shake off the negative energy of the 9-5 grind by grinding up some bud to smoke up? After all, it’s better than lamenting personal regrets at the pub to a random bartender.

      With the relaxing high of a comforting Indica, it’s time to release all that built tension and find catharsis in the hot embrace of weed smoke using the best smoking accessories available. Whether it’s a vape pen on the go or some potent edibles, this might be the perfect time to start letting go of the workday stress with some slow-acting ways to get high.


          • Before Catching Some Zs

        In the mood for some fun before calling it a night? Instead of doom scrolling for hours to procrastinate, smoking a bowl might just make the night a whole lot better. The perfect indica weed strain can hit even better when unwinding on the balcony or drifting into blissful sleep. After all, one of the many ways to smoke weed  is taking the time to immerse in the euphoric yet mellow sensations that come with each puff.

        Kind of Weed

        When in doubt, remember that indica will leave anyone feeling stuck “in-da-couch” while sativa is best for the “festiva”. Indica is generally used for helping smokers find stress relief and alleviate feelings of anxiety and insomnia. On the other hand, Sativa is bound to lift up anyone’s mood with its stimulating and energizing properties. When smoking hybrids, consider the dominant strain type to predict how it may influence the ways to get high.

        Final Thoughts

        At the end of the day, everyone has their own best way to smoke weed according to their preferences and tolerances. Whether it’s snacking on edibles at home or passing around a bowl with a couple of buddies, there’s no better time to get high than the present. And even if you miss 4:20PM, just remember that 4:22 is “4:20 too”.

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        — Story Filed By 420CanNews Staff

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