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Nevada Doubles Limit to 2.5 Ounces for Possession of Marijuana

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LAS VEGAS (420CanNews)—Effective January 1, 2024, Nevada’s legal limit for possession of marijuana has increased from 1 ounce to 2.5 ounces of cannabis flower. The possession limit on concentrates has also doubled from 0.125 ounce to 0.25 ounce as new statutes under Nevada’s cannabis laws take effect.

Limit for Possession of Marijuana Increased

The approved Senate Bill 277 significantly raises the amount of cannabis flower that adults 21 and over may legally purchase and carry at one time. The legislation was signed into law in June 2023 by Republican Governor Joe Lombardo.

Previously capped at 1 ounce, the allowed quantity has more than doubled to 2.5 ounces of marijuana flower per individual under the updated statutes. The legal limit for concentrated cannabis extracts has also doubled from the prior threshold of 0.125 ounce to 0.25 ounce.

These quantitative changes represent some of the most dramatic expansions to Nevada’s cannabis laws governing personal, non-medical possession since initial legalization first took effect in 2017.

Recreational Dispensaries Can Serve Medical Patients

In addition to raising possession thresholds, the 2024 guidelines also update regulations around dispensaries. Existing recreational marijuana retail stores will automatically receive approval to provide products to registered medical cannabis patients.

The new statutes erase the prior mandate to obtain a separate medical marijuana license exclusively to serve the patient market. This streamlining is intended to ease access and simplify business operations for store owners.

Medical consumers shopping at recreational dispensaries will also be exempt from paying the 10% retail cannabis state excise tax that adult-use customers incur.

More Flexibility for Licensing Those with Convictions

Passage of SB 277 also signals a policy shift from the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board regarding prior offenses. The regulatory body overseeing the state’s industry must now develop standards to consider granting business licenses to individuals with cannabis-related felony convictions.

Prospective entrepreneurs convicted of applicable charges may be approved for state business licensure if the Board “determines that doing so would not pose a threat to the public health or safety or negatively impact the cannabis industry in this State.”

The move potentially opens narrow pathways to participation in the formal market for those who have completed any mandated sentencing yet still carry a criminal record.

Tobacco Sales Fines Increased

While widening access to legal cannabis channels, Nevada also continues efforts to curb underage access to other regulated intoxicants. Starting January 1, fines levied against retailers illegally selling tobacco products to customers under 21 rose sharply.

Where warnings were previously issued for first infractions, repeated violations can now trigger financial penalties between $2,500 to $10,000 under the adapted guidance. These strict standards intend to deter unlawful tobacco sales to minors.

Higher Possession Limit Signals Maturing Cannabis Market

As the next phase of cannabis normalization takes effect with the turn of the calendar year, Nevada residents face an evolving regulatory landscape governing legal access to marijuana. Understanding the updated possession thresholds and parameters around legal purchases will prove essential for consumers hoping to participate in the state’s marketplace.

With higher limits and revised dispensary protocols now in place, Nevada solidifies its reputation as a hub for progressive models of cannabis legalization nationwide. But the onus remains on citizens to inform themselves thoroughly on changes as 2024 promises even greater changes for the state’s retail industry.

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