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Rolling in Paper: Houseplant, OCB Announce Partnership

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Rolling in Paper: Houseplant, OCB Announce Partnership

CHICAGO (420CanNews)—In a collaboration with 106-year-old French rolling-paper company OCB, Houseplant will introduce a new line of premium rolling papers and cones under the brand name Houseplant by OCB.

Co-founded by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Michael Mohr, the cannabis lifestyle company will launch three new eco-friendly products on February 16, 2024 before hitting retail shelves later this spring in the United States and Canada.

Michael Mohr, Houseplant co-founder and CEO, said, “The alignment of OCB’s best-in-class paper products with Houseplant’s smoking category authority creates a winning combination that will resonate with consumers and become the simple, trusted choice for rolling papers and cones.”.

A New Line of Sustainable Products

Houseplant by OCB will debut with three product varieties:

  • Bamboo: Sourced sustainably, bamboo fibers create a durable, unbleached rolling paper with a slow, even burn and a clean finish.
  • Brown Rice: Crafted using real rice ethically sourced from the protected wetlands of the Camargue delta in France, these papers blend rice fibers with organic hemp for a silky smooth smoking experience.
  • Classic: Artisan-crafted with FSC-certified, sustainable wood fibers, these premium white rolling papers are free of dye and chlorine, preserving the natural flavor of the smoke.

Don Levin, founder of Republic Brands, the Illinois-based parent company of OCB, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “The launch of Houseplant by OCB represents a true partnership between two companies that are masters in their respective crafts and provides an opportunity to offer a carefully curated assortment of craft papers for consumers who care enough to smoke the very best.”

What Seth Says

“Going to France and seeing the highest quality rolling papers get made from start to finish was literally a dream of mine,” said Rogen. “We were blown away by the process and are so happy to have found a partner that cares as much as we do about giving weed smokers the elevated experience they have always deserved.”

420CanNews has followed Rogen’s film career and his many cannabis-fueled comedic roles, all of which have led to the creation of his weed-inspired online retail business. Houseplant is a lifestyle company born out of contemporary cannabis culture that creates and curates thoughtful design-led and innovative products, the company said.

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