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Cannabis Advertising on Spotify: Historic Change

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CHICAGO (420CanNews)— The world of advertising has taken a historic turn, as cannabis company Cresco Labs Inc. recently became the first company to launch cannabis advertising campaigns on Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service. With Spotify boasting over 551 million users and 220 million subscribers, the announcement of this collaboration signals a significant, positive step in the public’s perception of weed and the world of cannabis advertising.

Cresco Labs’ ad campaign is designed to promote Sunnyside, its chain of dispensaries.  The campaign will feature 30-second audio spots and in-app digital banners, strategically directing users to Sunnyside’s proprietary e-commerce platform. Importantly, these cannabis ads are targeted explicitly at Spotify listeners within Illinois, where recreational marijuana is legal. 

Cory Rothschild, Cresco Labs’ national retail president, emphasized the potential of audio streaming services for effectively reaching large, targeted audiences. Quoted in High Times, he stated, “Our Sunnyside advertising strategy is built on a data ecosystem enabling best-in-class targeting and measurement. Spotify’s platform will enable our marketing team to target our ads compliantly and profitably to our core shoppers in Illinois.” 
Both advertisers and cannabis advertising agencies have faced long-standing challenges, especially in the United States, where marijuana remains subject to federal prohibition. Chicago-based Cresco Labs has navigated this complex landscape by strictly complying with state laws, ensuring its cannabis advertising efforts align with the legal frameworks. Additionally, this collaboration reinforces Cresco’s commitment to thoughtful regulation in the cannabis industry, the company said. By setting an example for other companies in the space, they are helping to normalize and legitimize marijuana marketing globally, officials said. By partnering with Spotify, Cresco Labs can now reach a larger audience and demonstrate the capabilities of its brand.

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