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Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition: Tips to Ponder

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Cannabis events represent a significant business opportunity. More states open up to blossoming marketplaces such as the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition.

According to Globe-News Wire, cannabis sales in 2021 will be close to $31 billion, a 41% increase over sales in 2020. Additionally, according to the BDSA, global cannabis sales will increase from $30.6 billion in 2021 to $62.1 billion in 2026, exceeding the value for any business owner. The cannabis industry is gearing up for a record-breaking year in 2023.

Attending the right trade show ensures you meet potential customers. You can also meet business partners who want to learn more about your company. To join the cannabis industry in the United States, you must attend these events.

There are tons of trade shows for the cannabis world these days. You can join one or more of these Cannabis trade shows based on your company’s needs. Examine the range of these trade shows if you are in the same business pursuit. 

What Is Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition?

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is a one-of-a-kind business-to-business trade show for the legal marijuana industry. It is the premier forum for dispensary owners, growers, suppliers, and investors. It also includes medical professionals, government regulators, legal counsel, and entrepreneurs seeking business success and new growth areas in this growing industry. 

The Cannabis World Congress Expo is a global marketplace for education, innovative products, and services. It also refers to businesses serving the cannabis industry, such as its medicinal, agricultural, financial, and lifestyle aspects. This tradeshow will strive to provide attendees with the opportunity to enjoy the full potential of the cannabis market. This is through educational sessions, innovative product displays, elite networking opportunities, and more – all while sourcing the next big opportunities.

Six Tips for Cannabis Convention Attendees

Your state lawmakers have legalized cannabis for adult use after years of preparation. The booming cannabis industry spreading across the nation has given you the impression that investing in it was smart. Now is the perfect time to network and soak up all the knowledge you can at an upcoming Cannabis World Congress Expo. 

If you have attended or been a vendor at an industry conference, you know how hectic it can get. You’re meeting new people, trying to attend all speakers, keeping up with what’s happening at the office, and advocating for your brand. Thus, we have compiled a list of six useful tips to assist you in navigating your next cannabis world convention.

Plan It Out

Do your homework on the vendors if you plan to attend. This will enable you to plan your route and allocate your time. It will ensure you get all session speakers and more time for meaningful interactions. 

Be Confident 

Wear comfortable, business-casual clothing branded with your company after hours of navigating the aisles and traveling to and from speaker events. Think about bringing a bottle you can fill up when you’re not using it so you don’t waste time looking for water when you could be networking.

You can also bring some snacks to have enough energy to go around and discover cannabis marketing trends that could be helpful to your enterprise. Before bringing any with you, check with the venue to see if it will be permitted. But having a few snacks on hand could save your life. 

Do advance research on companies attending and be in your best outfit with essential information about the Cannabis World Congress Expo.

Bring Your Promotional Materials

Business Cards, yes, it’s a must! 

It’s always a good idea to carry business cards around, even when using scanning software. You must always find out when or with whom you’ll cross paths. Informational material on one page is important for vendors but can also be useful for attendees. You never know when you’ll come across someone who could use your business’s products or services. The best thing to do is to always over-prepare.

Send Stuff in Advance

If you have a large email list or a dedicated social media following, let your contacts know where they can find you. Send an email containing your booth number, a map, or even an invitation to a party.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Providing a killer leave-behind is essential. This includes brochures, catalogs, business cards, promotional items, samples, or anything else you give someone to remember you. This is the next important thing you can do as a complement to your elevator pitch. The best leftovers provide information that the receiver will know about you or your company. It offers a call to action or a way to contact you.

Lastly, Have Fun!

It may sound corny, but it’s the whole truth. Maintaining a professional demeanor is important, but it’s also exciting to be a part of this expanding industry. Your first cannabis convention, if you haven’t been to one already, will give you a better idea of what to expect. It will give you a better idea of this event’s energy level.

Bottom Line

Trade shows like Cannabis World & Business Exposition are great places to meet cannabis entrepreneurs. You can learn about new products or medical cannabis advancements. You can gather samples for research if you want to expand your business through networking at small, boutique-style conferences. 

Cannabis trade shows, like all industry conventions, are a great place to network with colleagues. They allow you to learn more about subjects that may be new to you. In turn, you can adopt cutting-edge business strategies like cannabis risk management. You can create a productive environment by participating in, organizing, or exhibiting at a close-knit event with open consumption guidelines and a dedication to developing a sophisticated industry. 

Although tradeshows provide invaluable knowledge and insight into the industry, it requires you to attend physically. To get informed and learn more about the cannabis industry without stepping outside, check out more information about cannabis business news. Your first steps in starting your very own cannabis connection are here. Click to learn more about world class cannabis news and trends.