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Vegas Dispensary Tour: Summer Fun Reaches New Heights

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LAS VEGAS  — Let the good cannabis roll this summer. If one thinks that the excitement and spectacle of Las Vegas can only be experienced by visiting a casino or show, they should think again. The crowds are excited to participate in an exciting Vegas dispensary tour that promises a summer full of thrills. Those seeking adventurous and enjoyable 420 activities will never be disappointed by embarking on the best dispensaries and curaleaf dispensary in Las Vegas. Cannabis users and enthusiasts alike can enjoy a memorable journey, exploring the vibrant offerings of this bustling destination.

Top 7 Vegas Dispensary Tour This 2023

  • Cannabis Culture Segway Adventure by Segway Las Vegas

This tour offers more than just a dispensary visit. Participants ride Segways around Las Vegas, learning about the culture of cannabis. It includes a trip to the Cannabis Prohibition Museum, a coffee shop visit to learn about CBD infusion, and a tour of five high-end dispensaries.

  • 420 Experience Las Vegas Tour by Green Tours

One of the most popular tours, it provides behind-the-scenes access to top dispensaries and offers insights into Las Vegas’ cannabis culture. On certain days, participants can also visit the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace tasting room and enjoy the best cannabis products.

  • The Stoner Tour Basic by Las Vegas Cannabis Tours

This economical tour takes participants to three high-end dispensaries, offering a chance to learn about current trends and purchase cannabis products. It lasts about two hours and is available on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Grass and Glass Premium Tour by Las Vegas Cannabis Tours

Combining cannabis culture and blown glass artwork, this Vegas dispensary tour allows participants to create their glass artwork through glass blowing. They also visit several top licensed dispensaries.

  • Sin City Cannabis Tour by

This Vegas dispensary tour provides a 420-friendly party bus experience, offering VIP access to dispensaries. It is available as a group or private tour, attracting locals, tourists, and international visitors.

  • Las Vegas Grow Tour by

This tour offers exclusive access to a licensed cannabis grow facility, providing insights into the cultivation process and the creation of iconic cannabis brands.

  • Hop On Hop Off Cannabis Tour by

This tour is more of a bonus, serving as a 420-friendly party bus transportation along the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street, showcasing fun hotspots and dispensaries.

The Bottomline

Through a Vegas dispensary tour, cannabis enthusiasts can explore the city’s unique combination of indulgence and education, gaining insights into the world of cannabis. Whether one is an experienced connoisseur or a novice, a visit to Vegas promises complete satisfaction and a newfound appreciation for cannabis.


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