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Spooky and Smoke-Friendly: 9 Weed Halloween Costumes for Stoners

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) — What kind of devilish creativity will rise from the graveyard, as cannabis enthusiasts turn their minds toward Halloween? Maybe a walking bong? Or any 420 apparel onesies? Whatever emerges from the crypt will certainly be preceded by a dense cloud and the smell of pot.

For cannabis lovers getting into the spirit of the season, walking through a few good stoner Halloween costume ideas can be extra fun. From honoring famous stoners to getting creative with punny plays on words, many options exist to show off the love of marijuana this spooky season. 

Step up the costume game this year with one of these creative weed Halloween costumes. With both DIY and store-bought ideas, these costume themes can be the perfect funny, sexy, or clever cannabis-inspired look.

Top 5 Weed Halloween Costumes This 2023

Rihanna as a Joint

Pay tribute to Rihanna’s iconic 420 Halloween costume, where she dressed up as a giant anthropomorphic marijuana joint. Wear an all-green bodysuit or tight dress, and use fabric marijuana leaves, sequins, and glitter to recreate the look. Accessorize with marijuana leaf jewelry and strike fierce poses all night. The women in cannabis love this sexy and hilarious weed costume which is sure to be a hit.

weed halloween costumes, 420 halloween costumes, 420 halloween, sexy weed halloween costumes, stoner halloween costume ideas

Green Power Ranger with Cannabis Twist

Transform the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers weed Halloween costumes by making them green and giving them some cannabis flair. Wear a green Power Ranger costume ordered online or made at home, and add marijuana leaves, cannabis accessories, and smoke effects. For an easy stoner twist, accessorize a store-bought Green Ranger costume with marijuana elements.

Pot Brownie

Transform into delicious cannabis edibles by taking an old Girl Scout or schoolgirl uniform and decorating it with marijuana leaf pins, patches, and appliques. Top off the look with a cute green flower crown or hat to resemble everyone’s favorite green treat. This costume is sure to give people the munchies!

Nancy Botwin from Weeds

Channel the ultimate suburban pot-dealing mom, Nancy Botwin, with her signature boho chic fashion. Wear floral dresses and statement necklaces, big sunglasses, and always carry a Starbucks cup. Speak in a raspy voice and refer to the fake weed business all night. This sexy costume idea is perfect for girls who love cannabis and comedy. 

Sexy Stoner Mermaid

For sexy weed Halloween costumes, follow the Sexy Stoner Mermaid idea and incorporate cannabis details. Wear a green sequin bra or bikini top and a matching mermaid skirt in green and blue colors. Accessorize with seaweed, shells, glitter, iridescent fishnet tights, and seashell pipes. This mythical costume is bound to make a splash! 

Abbi and Ilana from Broad City

Find a partner in crime and dress up as the hilarious duo Abbi and Ilana from Comedy Central’s Broad City. Pick outfits inspired by Abbi’s quirky style and Ilana’s eclectic looks from various episodes. Carry a fake joint and act out scenes from the show all night long.

Willie Nelson Cannabis Icon

Dress as the ultimate cannabis advocate and country music legend, Willie Nelson. Potheads can wear their hair in long braided pigtails, add a bandana headband, jeans, a flannel shirt, and a guitar. Speak with a country drawl and make weed jokes while staying in character as this famous stoner icon all night.

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Martha Stewart Baking with Snoop 

Couple opportunity alert. Channel everyone’s favorite odd couple by dressing up as Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg from their baking parody video. For Martha, wear her classic button-up shirt, apron, pearls, and a blonde wig. Wear a fur coat, hat, bling, and carry a fake blunt for Snoop. Pretend to bake cannabis brownies and recreate the hilarious duo all night long.

THC High Cheerleader

Get the whole squad together and dress as a team of spirited stoner cheerleaders. Order customized cheerleading uniforms in green and marijuana leaf prints. Add fake joints, edibles, pom poms, and megaphones, and prepare some 420-inspired cheers. This collaborative costume is fun and playful for girls who love weed. 

With these creative weed Halloween costumes, cannabis enthusiasts will be set in funny, sexy, or clever stoner looks this Halloween. From honoring famous smokers to punny plays on words, they can show off their love for marijuana.

Get High on Spooktacular Weed Halloween Costumes

Whatever 420 Halloween costumes are chosen, just remember to party responsibly and never drive under the influence. Good vibes and laughs are all anyone wants for this spooky stoner holiday. Whatever plans people do on Halloween, be it binge watching on stoner movies, consuming weed and coffee while showcasing weed Halloween costumes, always think of having fun. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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