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Weed Travels: Top Destinations for Pot Heads

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – A weed enthusiast’s lifestyle must not suffer because vacation travel is on the horizon. The legal landscape is rapidly evolving. To that end,  planning weed travels has evolved, including booking accommodations at weed-friendly hotels, exploring the best weed tourism options, and attending “Roaring 420” festivities. For the weed minded also contemplating the next vacation, consider places that welcome tokers.

Amsterdam is top of mind. It is regarded as Europe’s cannabis capital and served as the epicenter of marijuana advocacy and cultivation for many years. It is distinctive in that it forbids drug possession, sale, or production but permits the sale of marijuana at coffee shops under strict regulations. While smoking marijuana in public is prohibited, the public can do so in a marijuana café where people can choose from various strains. Similar to Amsterdam, Barcelona has more than 200 clubs or lounges where marijuana is available for purchase and use. Applying for membership or being a member’s guest is the only prerequisite.

If travel plans are pointing toward Asia, Thailand is the best weed travel go-to as the first nation in Southeast Asia to allow medical marijuana, but unfortunately, not recreational. Thai government permitted households to grow up to six plants, but not for personal consumption. Thailand’s development will soon provide travelers who smoke in the area with stunning views and vibes. Cambodia is also paving the way for more laid-back weed travel even if it’s not entirely legal, yet it is acknowledged and readily available. Watch out for dishes marked “happy” in restaurants because they almost always contain ingredients with varying levels of THC. Picking destinations like these is one of the best ways to travel with weed.

In South America, Uruguay became the first nation to legalize nationwide medical and recreational marijuana in 2014. That said, the country prohibits foreigners from making legal purchases in Uruguay, as it is not interested in promoting weed tourism. Nevertheless, visitors can easily make local connections and attend one of their renowned 420 events.

Enthusiasts can explore more cannabis-friendly locations, but they respect all legal restrictions. This cannabis travel guide will give you a bird’s eye view of what to expect when you plan weed travels in these areas.


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