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Cannabis Candy Safety: Kid Friendly Halloween Trick or Treating

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) — As the season of chilling tales and mysterious shadows draws near, kid friendly Halloween trick or treating comes to the forefront. But the thought of kiddie trick or treat bag accidentally containing 420 products like edibles or gummies in adult halloween events is both sobering and scary–not just for the health of the child, but all the money wasted.

So, in the midst of this festive event, it’s imperative for parents and guardians to exercise heightened caution. The rise of cannabis infused candy on the market poses a new challenge to ensuring the safety of the treats children receive. This has never been more crucial as we celebrate the magic of Halloween while prioritizing the well-being of the kids and making sure it’s celebrated joyfully and safely.

A Growing Trend of Cannabis Edibles

Contrary to some misconceptions, potheads who consume the best cannabis edibles are not targeting children during Halloween. In states where the best cannabis products are legal, these edibles are meticulously labeled and packaged, making them easy to distinguish. When regulated for responsible consumption, it’s much simpler to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors during kid friendly Halloween trick or treating.

And of course, no one wants their “pricey” edibles playing hide and seek in a kiddo’s Halloween stash. After all, those edibles aren’t exactly priced like candy treats. Keep the spooky season simple: kids get the candies, and adults keep their “high”-end treats. 

Safety Tips for Kid Friendly Halloween Trick or Treating

  1. Secure All Edibles

If one has the best cannabis edibles at home, it’s essential they are stored in a locked container. If planning to indulge during Halloween, consume the cannabis infused candy well before the doorbell rings with eager trick or treaters and ensure the rest remains securely locked away.

  1. Avoid Loose Candy

A common sight during Halloween is a bowl of mixed candies offered to children. While it’s unlikely that someone would mix THC-infused candies with regular ones, it’s best to avoid anything in a loose, kid friendly Halloween trick or treating mix.

  1. Discard Unlabeled Items

If any treat without a label finds its way into the child’s trick or treat basket, it’s best to discard it. While it likely doesn’t contain marijuana, it’s always better to be safe. In states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, edibles are always clearly marked as cannabis products.

  1. Review the Collection

Once kids return from a kid friendly Halloween trick or treating adventure, it’s advisable to sit down with them and inspect the collected treats. A keen adult eye can help spot anything unusual, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for the child.

Other than the possibility of being exposed to the consumption of cannabis-infused gummies and candies, Halloween is the most dangerous night for children. More often than any other night of the year, Halloween night saw that most of these kids are being struck by cars. It is advisable to instruct the children to cross the street at designated crosswalks rather than darting out between parked automobiles. 

Drivers should be especially vigilant for children who might dart into the street out of the blue. This is particularly crucial for newly licensed teen drivers, who must exercise extra caution in certain situations in order to avoid accidents like these from happening.

In addition, parents should make sure that the child’s costumes fit them properly and won’t cause tripping hazards. Additionally, since costume masks might obstruct a child’s vision, face paint is preferred to masks.


While Halloween is a time of joy and excitement, it’s essential for parents and guardians to remain vigilant. By following these simple safety tips, we can ensure that the tradition of kid friendly Halloween trick or treating remains a delightful and safe experience for all.

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