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Cannabis Cultivation Research and Development Breaks Barriers

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MILTON, Ontario, Canada (420CanNews)— In the dynamic world of cannabis cultivation, innovation is quickly becoming the norm. Two industry leaders, Grodan and F1SeedTech, have once again joined hands to further push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation and research development, with their latest project taking them to the Cannabis Research & Innovation Centre (CRIC Labs) in Montreal, Canada. The goal: redefine cannabis cultivation practices and elevate the Canadian cannabis community especially the local cannabis company to new heights.

The Seeds of Progress: Insights from the Netherlands

Beyond this collaboration at CRIC Labs, Grodan and F1SeedTech had previously conducted a joint study at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands, and its findings sent ripples of excitement throughout the cannabis industry:

  • Impressive Yields

The cultivation of F1 hybrid seeds demonstrated the potential for an astounding production yield of up to 6 kg/m2 (570 g/ft2) of dried flower annually when extrapolated to 5.5 crop cycles per year.

  • Elevated THC Levels

The THC levels chart reflected from F1 hybrid-seed flowers measured at 29%, which was significantly higher than their purebred counterparts. 

  • More Consistent Crops

Production batches displayed diminished variations and a remarkable overall consistency, allowing researchers to more accurately predict their yields.

These findings indicate that by utilizing F1 seeds in stone wool, growers could say goodbye to mother rooms and optimize growing spaces to reduce human error during processing.

Cultivating Knowledge at CRIC Labs

Trials at CRIC Labs officially began in August, and they are scheduled to last for a year. Grodan and F1SeedTech will conduct five carefully planned cultivation experiments during this time. They aim to discover the potential advantages of combining Grodan’s growing media with F1 hybrid seeds. These experiments will explore different agronomic treatments, such as lighting, irrigation, and climate management strategies. The ultimate goal is to uncover the secrets of optimal cultivation conditions, potential flower yields, and cost benefits.

Additionally, the results will pave the way for several events scheduled for 2024, with the main goal being to transfer the invaluable knowledge gleaned from these trials to cannabis greenhouse growers, ushering in a new era of cannabis cultivation research and development.

What are F1 Cannabis Seeds?

Hybrid F1 cannabis seeds are prevalent among growers because they produce some of the highest quality plants with a range of potent and flavorful buds. When two unique parent plants are crossed, the result is an F1 source, a hybridized plant with characteristics from both parents. While the process can be unpredictable, growing an F1 seed can result in traits like higher THC content, larger yields, and more unique aromas. 

For those looking to get the most out of their cannabis grows, F1 seeds offer a great way to maximize potential while still having access to multiple strains. According to Canna Connection, F1 seed breeding has long been used in agriculture to cultivate healthy, high-yielding crops. Corn and tomatoes are just a few examples that have seen remarkable improvements through F1 hybridization. By combining genetically diverse plants, both crop yield and plant resilience is boosted. When F1 corn varieties were introduced in the United States in the 1920s, annual yields increased by 700%.

Impact on the Canadian Cannabis Community

As Canada maintains its position as the forefront of global cannabis production, innovations like these are pivotal in shaping the industry’s future.

  • Quality and Efficiency

The findings from the Netherlands and the ongoing research at CRIC Labs hint at a future where Canadian cannabis cultivators become untouchable in terms of quality and efficiency. Higher THC levels and consistent production batches translate into products that always meet and often exceed consumers’ expectations.

  • Resource Optimization

Using F1 seeds in Grodan stone wool can revolutionize cannabis cultivation in Canada by eliminating the need for mother rooms. This innovative move means more productive growing spaces and fewer resource-intensive processes, a win-win for cannabis growers showcase and are looking for higher yields.

  • Economic Advantages

In an interview with Cision last September 21, Frank Janssen, Research & Project Manager  at Grodan, underlined the importance of production economics. By increasing yields and THC levels while reducing costs associated with mother rooms, Grodan’s trials showed that cultivators can potentially elevate their gross margins by upwards of 15%.

  • Showcasing Canadian Innovation

In the Cision interview, COO of F1SeedTech Maikel de Bresser highlighted the significance of being closer to North America. He believes that the research conducted at CRIC Labs will serve as a showcase for the potential of the Canadian cannabis market and the nation’s commitment to advancing cannabis cultivation practices.

  • Scientific Rigor

Simon Charette, COO of CRIC, also emphasized to Cision the importance of scientific data and rigor in these trials. As the Canadian cannabis community embraces Grodan and F1SeedTech’s products, they can confidently do so knowing that robust scientific foundations have backed these innovations.

 A Bright Future for Canadian Cannabis Cultivation Research and Development

Currently, the two Canadian cannabis giants have positioned themselves to completely restructure the foundation of cannabis cultivation. As Canada continues to reinforce its role as a global leader in cannabis production, innovations like these will only further cement the country as instrumental to the industry’s future. And as more countries follow Canada’s lead regarding legality, the paradigms it creates around research will only hasten advances globally.

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