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Don’t Be a Dick: How To Properly Smoke Weed

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) —Smoking weed doesn’t have to be a wild, irresponsible romp. Engaging in it can be enjoyable, but the journey on how to properly smoke weed responsibly elevates the experience into something remarkable. Whether an experienced pothead or a newbie to the cannabis scene, learning “how to properly smoke weed” without being “a total dick” is vital. Fortunately, any stoner can employ some tips and tricks to ensure they stay cool and have the best possible time – while still being considerate of others. For those who want to enjoy a laid-back experience and maintain a mellow vibe like legendary musician Bob Marley, here are some tips on ways to get high, responsibly: 

  1. Before sharing edibles, be a bud and give folks a friendly heads-up. No surprises.

Presenting a friend with cannabis-infused weed brownies that contain tenfold the suggested dosage and expecting them to let it go ungrudgingly? That’s a recipe for a high-stakes fallout.

  1. Keep the drool in check and spare it from a slobbering mess.

No one likes to receive a vape or blunt covered in someone else’s spit. After all, it’s just plain gross. It’s much better to be mindful and use the golden rule: “Don’t share  spit unless it’s for a good cause.” Using the simple guideline, everyone can stay safe and avoid getting their “vapes” and “blunts” covered in saliva.

  1. One should avoid excessive enthusiasm during a smoke sesh, or the risk of feeling “a little too toasty” becomes a burning concern.

Excessively enthusiastic potheads can dampen the enjoyment of a smoke session. While it’s understandable to have an insatiable craving for weed, dialing back the intense gaze and allowing the whole group to feel at ease is crucial. Give cannabuddies the space to puff in tranquility, as it won’t be long before the turn comes back around. Stay composed and pass the joint gracefully.

  1. Refrain from engaging in “guesstimate” regarding the munchies menu. 

Avoid the “munch-catastrophe” when cooking with weed, and opt for accurate calculations instead. It’s not only a matter of personal self-preservation but also vital when preparing cannabis-infused cuisine for others, ensuring a delightful sensory experience and a harmonious state of mind for everyone involved.

  1. Be a bud and lend a hand during a high-time weed session.

While one person may take the lead in rolling, some tasks can aid in lightening their load, such as managing the roach, removing any excess material, or tidying up. It’s important not to burden one individual with all the responsibilities. Sharing these responsibilities is the best approach, allowing everyone to fully appreciate cannabis-derived terpenes‘ vibes and their delightful presence.

  1. Pay a fair share when smoking others’ weed.

It is essential to acknowledge that smoking someone else’s weed comes with the responsibility to contribute fairly. To avoid building resentment, it’s vital to proactively give back instead of just taking. This small gesture lets the friend know they are appreciated and helps foster a positive long-term relationship.

In the intricate haze of social norms and shared smoke, it becomes abundantly clear that understanding how to properly smoke weed is the secret handshake of a harmonious high.  It’s about creating a sacred ritual, cultivating an intentional connection between mind, body, and the plant, and fully immersing oneself in the therapeutic properties of cannabis. When approached with mindfulness and respect, smoking weed unfolds into a transformative and enlightening journey, allowing individuals to tap into the deeper realms of creativity, self-reflection, and relaxation. 

As the curtains draw on the etiquette-filled journey, one can’t help but chuckle at the dance between the dos and don’ts. While navigating these unspoken rules might seem trickier than rolling a perfect joint, the payoff of a smoother, more enjoyable experience is undeniable. The wisdom of being a gracious toker resonates: even without a guide, the tribe of stoners is renowned for their civilized camaraderie and well-tuned knowledge of the sacred herb.

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