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Kansas City Royals Get Lit with Pure Spectrum CBD Partnership

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TOPEKA, Kan. (420CanNews)  The Kansas City Royals are stepping up to the plate in a new, seriously groovy partnership sending ripples through the Major League Baseball scene. The Royals have buddied up with Pure Spectrum CBD, a hemp-derived cannabidiol product company, to spread the good vibes about the therapeutic powers of CBD. They’re not just swinging for the fences but blazing a trail, becoming the second MLB team to jump into the cannabis world. (Sorry, the Chicago Cubs are no longer alone.)

CBD Love

Hailing from the land of barbecue and blues, the Royals are teaming up with Pure Spectrum CBD, the heroes of hemp oils and the almighty cannabis gummy. It’s a match made in stoner heaven. But the Royals aren’t just hitting a home run for themselves – they’re joining the ranks of Major League Baseball, which sparked up a league-wide partnership with CBD champs Charlotte’s Web Holdings. Talk about a home-run high.

Sarah Tourville, the esteemed Chief Commercial & Community Impact Officer of the Royals, is thrilled beyond measure. She expressed her excitement, saying they are the second MLB team collaborating with an exceptional brand like Pure Spectrum. For her, the partnership is more than just a business alliance – it’s an opportunity to share the love for CBD  Kansas City.

Pure Spectrum knows how to play the game, too. The company has been hanging out in the sports arena, sponsoring the CrossFit Games, and teaming up with Olympic legends like USA Triathlon and USA Weightlifting. But for CEO Dan Huerter, a Kansas City kid, this Royals partnership takes the cake – or maybe, say, the brownie. It is like hitting a home run in the World Series of Life as the association spreads wellness in his hometown. 

The Big Play

The Royals and Pure Spectrum introduced their collaboration through the serene “Pure Spectrum Lodge” at Kauffman Stadium. Designed with fans in mind,  it serves as a tranquil retreat for spectators to unwind, enjoy the game, and discover the positive influence of Pure Spectrum CBD. They even hosted Yoga Day – imagine a downward dog with a side of CBD.

Whether one is a seasoned cannabis user or just beginning their 420 experience, the Royals’ cannabis camaraderie is worth keeping an eye on. It’s more than just about hits and runs. Additionally, glancing at  Kansas City Royals record 2023 might provide a new motive to root for the Royals this season.

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