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How Cannabis Can Ignite The Sexual Healing Journey

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – As the old proverb goes, two wrongs don’t make a right, but a joint can make the night.

For couples experiencing sexual intimacy issues, new research suggests that cannabis may be the key to jumpstarting the sexual healing journey and stoking the flames of love once again. A sex life slump may be attributed to a host of other factors. Stress, declining physical health, performance anxiety, and mental health issues come to mind. However, taking–or toking, rather–the edge off might just be the spark to keep the fire burning. 

In a 2019 study, researchers found evidence for cannabis as a potential treatment for persons experiencing sexual dysfunction. The study reported a higher possibility of reaching orgasm for women who had consumed cannabis before sex as compared to those participants who did not. Another cannabis-related experiment found that men who smoked before sex experienced greater satisfaction in the bedroom, which could be attributed to increased sensitivity to touch and intensity of orgasms. 

When used properly and responsibly, cannabis could help mitigate anxiety and keep one grounded in the moment. How so? THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is an active component of marijuana that helps users filter out any thoughts related to performance anxieties and sexual intimacy issues. THC is guaranteed to help smokers immerse in the euphoric feelings of sexual intercourse, thus increasing the overall experience in the bedroom, according to intimacy therapists. This makes for a fun and great approach to making progress in the sexual healing journey!

Heightening the Highest High

Recent studies have looked into and emphasized how cannabis affects the sensory system by acting as a neuromodulator. Cannabis users have long exchanged tales about how the drug improved their senses, improved the flavor and aroma of their food, improved the aesthetic appeal of their surroundings, improved the sound of music, and improved the quality of their sex.

When dealing with a weakened libido, cannabis has been found to be a potent way to induce arousal. A 2017 study reported that cannabis use contributed to a statistically significant increase of female sex drive.

Specifically, one certain terpene is known for its ability to increase one’s sex drive: limonene. This tropical terpene comes in popular strains such as Wedding Cake, Banana Kush, and OG Kush. For strains with high amounts of limonene, one can expect to feel an increased rush of desire. 

This comes as great news for partners who may want to try increasing intimacy without sexuality. Sometimes, smoking a bowl with someone special is enough to build meaningful and genuine moments of connection.

Two Appealing Ways

For people who struggle with libido or other sex-related issues or who simply wish to spice things up in the bedroom, cannabis can be a useful tool. The sexual healing journey of taking cannabis to enhance your 420 dating sex life are affected in two ways.

Communicate Clearly with Your Partner

Cannabis usage and relationship dynamics have a nuanced link, according to a 2016 study that was published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors. According to the study, the alignment of partners’ cannabis use patterns may have an impact on the health of their relationships. 

Couples who used cannabis together fared better in their ability to deal with problems than couples in which only one spouse smoked. Couples in which the female spouse used cannabis but the male partner abstained were most prone to conflict.

A more recent study indicated that couples who used cannabis together reported greater intimacy. These benefits on intimacy, however, disappeared when one spouse took cannabis on their own without the knowledge of the other.

Thus, before diving in and experimenting with cannabis-enhanced sex, ask yourself the following questions 

  • Do you both have the same enthusiasm for the notion of using cannabis in the bedroom?

  • Do either of you have underlying mental health issues like anxiety that get worse when you consume cannabis?

  • Where do you live, is the use of cannabis legal?

Regulate Cannabis Use in the Bedroom

According to a 2015 study that was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, those who use cannabis have a higher tendency to act impulsively and aggressively the day after using it. Make sure you and your spouse are aware of how you both respond to cannabis before you move on.

Prior to attempting to use cannabis to improve intimacy, try to identify and resolve any relationship issues that may be contributing to the sexual intimacy issues. This will help you avoid attacking a problem with an even bigger problem. While still enjoying the sexual healing journey benefits of THC and CBD, this lessens the possibility that couples could develop an unhealthy reliance on cannabis to “manufacture” intimacy.

Discover Products That Are Ideal for You and Your Spouse

It’s frequently a matter of trial and error when choosing the best cannabis strains for you. Try them out and see how they make you feel to choose which ones you and your partner prefer. It will ultimately rely on how your body reacts to the strain and the ideal result you are going for.

The endocannabinoid system, a sophisticated cell signaling system, has receptors in the human body. Indirect activation of these receptors by cannabis, according to experts, causes the body to react in a variety of ways, including anticonvulsant, antianxiety, and anti-inflammatory ones.

Before using more, start with a tiny amount and take your time. This is crucial if you’ve never used cannabis for sex before.

The objective is to experience a mild, pleasant impact rather than an intense high. 

Best Ways to Use Cannabis for Sex

Cannabis as a sexual tool requires careful consideration of dosage. Before using cannabis with a partner, you should be aware of your tolerance level because atmosphere and physiology can have an impact on the experience even before other factors are taken into account. Different genotypes and terpenes can assist encourage a top-tier experience. If you haven’t used cannabis before, start off carefully and watch out for overdosing, which might leave you couch-locked.

Some consumption practices are more appropriate for sexual experiences than others. Topicals and cannabis-infused oils, lotions, and lubricants can give bedtime play a delightful, infused twist. Topicals, on the other hand, result in localized sensations rather than intense cerebral psychoactivity.

Different types of cannabis concentrates can be smoked or vaped to induce euphoria that takes affect more quickly and lasts for up to three hours. Edibles have a sluggish onset but give more intense, longer-lasting effects for longer sessions, with effects lasting up to seven hours.

Playing It Safe

Cannabis can rekindle sexual closeness in partners who are suffering a dead bedroom, but it is not a miracle solution to all of your sexual issues—many of which may have their origins outside of the bedroom. With your spouse, try to address these fundamental issues, and use cannabis sensibly and responsibly to deepen connection rather than to create it.

Just like any substance, cannabis use carries its own set of potential issues. Not everyone’s partner may be comfortable in sparking up a bowl before getting down to business.

For those already experiencing heightened anxiety prior to sex, consuming cannabis in an anxious state may possibly intensify any feelings of paranoia or discomfort. It may even create a setback in the sexual healing journey of a partner. Instead of setting the mood, a bad trip may end the festivities before it even begins!


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