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Delaware Gov. Agrees with Marijuana Federal Legalization

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DOVER, Del. – If given the opportunity, the governor of Delaware said he would permit marijuana federal legalization.

Gov. John Carney has been opposed to state legalization. The state has two proposals to legalize marijuana possession and create a controlled adult-use market to become law. Both are moving forward without his signature. The bill’s backers were worried that Gov. Carney would veto them, as he did during the last session. However, he allowed HB 1 and 2 to take effect without his active participation, which surprised supporters. The development makes Delaware, also known as “The First State,” the 22nd state in the union to legalize Delaware recreational marijuana.

Even though Gov. Carney’s views on this issue have not changed, and he continues to believe that legalizing marijuana is “not a step forward,” Carney stated he would no longer oppose the reform. Previously, he had declined to comment on his plans for the marijuana proposals from Rep. Ed Osienski. He said, “I appreciate there are individuals who share my beliefs who will be unhappy in my choice not to veto this measure. I chose this because I think we’ve spent too much time on this matter when Delawareans have more important and urgent problems to deal with daily. It is time to move forward.”

The new law in Delaware “will have a far-reaching, positive impact for many Delaware residents, marijuana-related businesses, especially those who have been most harmed by cannabis prohibition,” said Olivia Naugle, a senior policy analyst at the Marijuana Policy Project. Legalizing and regulating marijuana is safer for communities and marijuana users, and it will bring in new sources of lucrative state money, she said.

Marijuana legalization proponents are overjoyed to see it become a reality in our state, according to Delaware NORML Executive Director Laura Sharer. She said this triumph is the product of the arduous efforts of countless volunteers, legislators, and a sizable portion of the Delaware community. Many people have supported this just cause and understood the need for marijuana federal legalization policy reform. 

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