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DIY Headband Bandana for the Fashion-Forward Pothead

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) — Headgear has always been an iconic way for people to make fashion statements, with one go-to piece being a headband bandana. 

The cannabis industry has seen exponential growth ever since its marijuana federal legalization in some states in the U.S. One of the most note-worthy developments that spawned from this industry was the introduction of different kinds of music, hobbies, and fashion trends, among others. Cannabis has been well associated with certain lifestyles, especially within the Rastafarian culture. A new breed of clothing styles that are inspired by this new-age culture is now widely accepted, and even embraced, by both young and old generations enthusiasts. 

What Makes Bandanas Unique Compared to Other Headgear?

The origin of bandanas dates all the way back to 17th-century India. It is derived from the Indian word; “Bandhana” which translates to “Tied cloth.”

Bandanas have been well known to enhance a person’s looks or persona, especially with different ways on how to tie a bandana. Young people express angst and nonconformity by wearing bandanas on their faces, covering their noses down to their chests, and concealing their identities. Stylish people wear headband bandanas as a statement and for freedom of stylish expression.

There are several ways to make it into different bandana headband styles, and picking one that best suits one’s taste and personality could be a challenge. As cool as it sounds, a headband bandana isn’t a “Strap em’ on and wear em’“ sort of accessory. Moreover, there are plenty of different ways to wear a bandana in your hair.

For it to look and feel good, some folding and tying procedures are necessary in order to achieve both style and comfort when wearing them. 

What Is the Difference between a Bandana and a Headband?

An attractive and occasionally useful item of headgear is the headband. Many famous personalities like to wear headbands. Some simply seem to complement the character’s attire, while others represent a group. To keep sweat out of their eyes, soldiers frequently wear bandanas, which are pieces of cloth that are worn on the head.

Although headbands experienced a comeback in the early 1900s, it wasn’t until the 1920s that they truly began to gain favor. During this time, headband styles and designs also grow considerably fancier.

With headbands, bad hair days can be a thing of the past. You can effortlessly hide any shape or form your hair has taken with headbands so you can leave without concern. You become less self-conscious and more assured about your looks as a result.

Classic Ways on How to Make Headbands Out of Bandanas for Potheads

Get stylish with headbands out of bandanas—because who said potheads can’t be head-turners?

The art of repurposing bandanas into fashionable headbands stands as a timeless embodiment of ingenuity and style. Classic yet stylish methods include:

  • Folding into a triangle, tying at the back for a classic look.
  • Positioning higher on the forehead, Rosie the Riveter-style.
  • Creating a knotted headband with a skinny strip.
  • Turban style with a wide strip tied at the front.
  • A headscarf covering the whole scalp like a hat.

However people tie them, headband bandanas add a dash of personalized retro flair. Simple, cheap, and chic—a complete handmade pothead wardrobe.

Wear a headband bandana with pride and even show others how to make a bandana headband while sharing a top-notch blunt.  Make it practical or eye-catching with merely a simple square of cloth. These versatile accessories endure across eras for their simplicity, affordability, and flexibility. Head over to AllStuff420® which is a partner of 420CanNews in delivering not just trending cannabis news but also high-end 420 apparel and headband bandanas to self-confessed potheads. 

— Story Filed By 420CanNews Staff

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