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Which Weed Lover Won a Grammy?

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Which Weed Lover Won a Grammy?

Music industry honors self-reported cannabis enthusiast

LOS ANGELES (420CanNews)—The music industry nominated several admitted cannabis users for awards at the 66th annual Grammys on Sunday, February 4, 2024, with pop singer Mylie Cyrus snagging trophies in two major categories.

Cyrus won her first-ever Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance for her megahit, “Flowers.” She later performed the song live at the awards show and would receive a second Grammy for Record of the Year. The song spent multiple weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard charts in 2023, her first No. 1 hit since “Wrecking Ball” 10 years ago.

Other reported cannabis enthusiasts—country music legend Willie Nelson and comedian Sarah Silverman—were both nominated, but neither picked up a coveted trophy at this year’s awards.

Weed has inspired music through time

Marijuana has been an inspiration for music for decades. Going back to the 1920s, trumpeter Louis Armstrong recorded an instrumental melody called “Muggles,” which was slang for weed, as reported by 420CanNews.

In the 1960s, protest singer Bob Dylan allegedly introduced Beatle John Lennon to marijuana, inspiring the song, “Got to Get You Into My Life.” Caribbean musicians like Bob Marley kept cannabis-themed songs on the charts through the 70s and 80s, with hits like “Kaya” and “Ganga Gun.” In the 1990s, California rappers like Snoop Dogg took on the mantle of cannabis culture, creating not just hit songs but an entire brand around his weed persona.

More recently, artists such as Lana Del Rey with “High by the Beach” and Bruno Mars with “Smokin’ Out the Window” have embraced marijuana themes in their music. Weed as a muse for music has indeed crossed the decades and will undoubtedly grow as stigmas against its use fall away.

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