Tyson Ranch Bouts Legit Swing at Cannabis Industry

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CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (420CanNews) How on earth did Mike Tyson go from boxing champ to cannabis king?

It all started when he co-founded Tyson Ranch in California City, Calif., located in the vast Mojave Desert, back in 2016. It evolved into an atypical cannabis operation spanning 40 acres, with a luxury resort, theater, and educational facilities. In a few short years, Tyson has turned a cannabis vision into a booming business, breaking boundaries and shattering stoner stereotypes.

While he was also famous for biting an ear in a boxing match, he used the incident as inspiration to produce a cannabis-infused product. In the 1997 bout against Evander Holyfield, Tyson bit off some of Holyfield’s ear. Despite the seemingly unforgivable act, the two appear to have reconciled in the 26 years since the incident, with both boxers approving the product.

But it’s not all about making money for Iron Mike. He’s got a much bigger goal for his cannabis empire. Tyson is dedicated to creating positive change in the world by using the power of marijuana. He firmly believes in the plant’s healing properties and wants to ensure people know that it’s not just about getting high; it’s about unlocking the potential for a better quality of life. Through his numerous ventures, Tyson shows the world that cannabis can be a force for good, economically and socially.

The Tyson Ranch Mission

Building a sizable cannabis resort is one thing, but one that fervently promotes marijuana’s therapeutic benefits is quite another. Basically, Tyson Ranch Resort has a mission to fulfill and these are the following:

  • To assist in the treatment of PTSD, addiction, and other mental diseases in veterans of the armed forces.
  • To support the promotion of cannabis as a medicine to prevent opioid addiction.
  • To spend money on research into the benefits of cannabis for returning veterans.
  • For anyone wishing to start a weed-growing business, the ranch also offers additional conveniences. 

Extensive Top Cannabis Products from Mike Tyson

Tyson Holistic and Tyson Ranch are two distinct business endeavors that make up Tyson Holistic Holdings. Tyson Holistic invests in companies that produce hemp-based goods, including CHILL, a maker of CBD-infused water. Tyson Ranch is made up of cannabis products with the Tyson name on them.

The best-quality, locally cultivated indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis flower is Tyson Ranch’s main source of sales. Additionally, Tyson Ranch sells edibles, a sparkling beverage with THC added, and CopperGel Ice, a topical painkiller he invented himself that has been clinically shown to relieve muscular, joint, and arthritis pain.

Mike Tyson Ranch Does Not Make Its Own Product

It would be a mistake to believe that this endeavor was akin to Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad type of operation. Tyson is the boss of a marijuana empire, although he doesn’t grow any of the marijuana himself.

The Tyson Holistic website states that before it receives his seal of approval, it is procured and examined to ensure it meets his high standards. He is adamant that his strains must be produced indoors, harvested according to maturity, and cured for 30 days to assure that all flavonoids are organically generated, naturally occurring, hand-trimmed, and pesticide-free.

Knocking Out Addiction to Cannabis

Mike Tyson’s journey into Cannabis began with his personal weed use and mental health goals to avoid any kind of struggles. While some people may think that marijuana is itself an addictive substance, that was not Tyson’s experience. He found pot to be a relief for his own signs of depression. After discovering the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and its alternative cannabinoids, Tyson became a fierce advocate. As he often says, “Cannabis saved my life.” Now he’s on a mission to spread the good word and help others through his business ventures.

Tyson’s first foray into the world of legal marijuana was the establishment of the Mike Tyson Ranch, a sprawling 420-acre cannabis resort near Desert Hot Springs in Southern California. But it isn’t just an ordinary weed wonderland – Tyson Ranch hopes to become a wellness, education, and entertainment destination. Currently, Tyson has ambitious plans to host a music festival that could rival Coachella, with Tyson Ranch playing host to the Kind Music Festival. Dubbed “the Lollapalooza of Cannabis,” the event offers visitors a chance to enjoy a format that brings in multiple artists over a music-filled weekend.

In addition, the site also includes the world’s longest lazy river among its many attractions. With this feature, Tyson has made a splash in the cannabis industry.

In terms of product, Tyson’s nationwide cannabis company, Tyson 2.0, packs a powerful punch, offering a wide range of items, including premium marijuana strains, edibles, and extracts. The company has formed key supply chain partnerships with leading cannabis innovators, ensuring its products reach a broad audience. And Tyson isn’t stopping at the U.S. border. The brand is going international with the recent opening of a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

The idea of transforming Tyson Ranch into a futuristic holistic cannabis center is no longer just a pipe dream. It will provide prospects for the developing but yet relatively young cannabis tourist sector. Tyson Ranch will provide guests a luxurious camping experience in addition to housing. With 200 suites planned, guests at Tyson Ranch will be able to completely unwind in a special cannabis-friendly setting.

Tyson’s dedication to cannabis advocacy hasn’t gone unnoticed. The African nation of Malawi recently invited him to serve as their official cannabis ambassador. In this role, Tyson is using his platform to promote the economic, social, and therapeutic benefits of marijuana, not just in Malawi but across the African continent.

Boxing Comeback? 

While Mike Tyson’s cannabis empire thrives, the boxing legend recently hinted at a potential return to the ring. The possibility of seeing Iron Mike back in action has boxing fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for any official news.

Tyson Ranch, cannabis industry news, Tyson Ranch Resort, Mike Tyson Ranch


However, no one would seriously believe the now 56-year-old retired boxer could actually win a title, the spectacle could draw attention–and not just for his return to the ring.

Suppose Tyson does decide to lace up his gloves once more. In that case, it will be interesting to see how his cannabis advocacy and business pursuits intersect with his boxing career. As the world of cannabis regulations and professional sports evolves, Tyson’s unique position as a cannabis entrepreneur and legendary athlete could be crucial in shaping future policies surrounding marijuana use.

As the company’s chief brand officer, Tyson has a job. Following years of cocaine and other drug misuse, Tyson sought solace in marijuana, which is legal in California, after making a sensational comeback to boxing in 2020 with an exhibition draw against Roy Jones Jr. He is the first to confess that it really increased his sense of peace. It inspired him to team up with entrepreneur Rob Hickman five years ago after the latter mentioned the positive impact marijuana has had on the former boxer’s life.

Cannabis industry news platforms are now featuring Mike Tyson’s success in the cannabis industry, which is helping to break stereotypes and change the perception of marijuana use. As more people see the benefits that Tyson and others publicly discuss, the stigma surrounding cannabis is slowly fading. Through his advocacy and businesses, Iron Mike shows that the world of legal marijuana can be a force for good – promoting wellness, education, and entertainment.

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