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Bill Gates’ Candid Talk on Smoking Weed for the First Time

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) —  Bill Gates, the tech titan, recently spilled the beans about him smoking weed for the first time in high school. Well, even the genius behind Microsoft knows how to get a bit “higher” than coding. 

Young Bill Gates was just another soul trying to blend in with the herb-loving crowd back then. He added that smoking weed for the first time was just trying to be part of the cool cats. The surprising revelation was witnessed by none other than the ganja guru, movie actor and comedian Seth Rogen, on his new podcast “Unconfuse Me,” where Gates was a guest. Talk about high-tech enlightenment.

On Edibles and Cannabis Laws

The conversation took a turn for the green as Rogen and Gates zoned in on the wacky world of cannabis laws. Gates shared that upon the legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington states, he perceived a significant paradigm shift in the cannabis community. The profound transformation left him feeling that society was undergoing a remarkable evolution. 

According to Gates’ observations, when cannabis was illegal, people smoked it in moderate quantities, resulting in a relaxed and mellow experience. But now, with the green floodgates open,  potheads could be in for a  dose of surprise, especially if they are nibbling on some far-out edibles. Rogen, the mastermind behind Houseplant—a 420 lifestyle company—wholeheartedly agreed. He cleverly avoids edibles, wishing for federal regulations to ensure standardized product potency. Even one of the many renowned stoned celebrities, mega-rapper Snoop Dogg, abstains from consuming edibles.  Well, they keep it lit but not in the munchies department.

During the podcast, Gates, fueled by curiosity, asked Rogen about the potential cancer-causing properties of puffing the ganja, as dished out by none other than Celebstoner, one of the leading Mary Jane websites. With a laugh, Rogen, the righteous cannabis sage, replied that he was still waiting for science to decide. Plus, he clarified that the doctors were not giving him the “quit” command. 

As the podcast wrapped up, Gates presented a mind-bending hypothetical: What if society had to pick between booze and pot? He eagerly endorsed the green green grass team without hesitation, echoing Rogen’s truth that alcohol makes people babbling fools. Well, it appears that the “smoking weed for the first time” encounter influenced the life of the tech genius Bill Gates. He has that stoner wit and computer wizardry rolled into one. 

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