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Blazing Hot Picks: The Best Weed Strain for Summer 2023

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla (420CanNews) Now that summer is officially in full swing, it’s time to roll into these recreational months with the perfect blends of the best weed strain for all outdoor occasions. Whether it’s a chill hang with friends, a day at the beach, or a jam packed road trip adventure, getting the perfect blend is absolutely essential for an unforgettable summer fun.

In this quick guide, learn about the best strains of weed for summer stoners and beginners alike. We’re also sharing new cannabis strains that are a must-try for anyone passionate about exploring the latest and trendiest selections in the cannabis industry.

Best Weed Strain for Summer

Fat Banana

Ride through the summer with a relaxing yet euphoric strain such as the captivating Fat Banana. Born from the beloved Banana and OG Kush strains, the Fat Banana is known for its sweet and luscious flavors. This powerful strain certainly packs a punch with its deliciously potent high that will leave anyone feeling unbelievably relaxed and chilled out of their mind.
Don’t forget the cherry on top. Thanks to its indica-dominant genes, Fat Banana has become a go-to for fellow weed enthusiasts as the best cannabis strain for pain and relaxation. So, fire up a fat joint under the blazing summer sun for a memorable summer afternoon or late-night stargazing.

Tropical Runtz

Looking for a sativa strain to brighten up the summer? Tropical Runtz definitely deserves a top spot on the menu. This potent strain delivers an uplifting high that’s perfect for any social occasion or outdoor adventure. Thanks to its tantalizing sweet and tropical flavors, the Tropical Runtz is capable of transporting smokers to any beach of their choosing!
With THC levels ranging around 22%, it’s hard not to feel a hundred percent blazed on this high-powered pot variant. So as a strong sativa strain, the Tropical Runtz is an ideal choice for bringing out anyone’s extra silly side! 


If anyone’s on the hunt for the best weed strain to try out, the Malibú takes the prize…literally. This sativa strain was recently chosen as one of the best-tasting strains of LA in 2023. As an exotic fusion of Amesia and The Dark Side, smokers are in for a robust and energizing head high with the Malibú’s earthy and spicy undertones. With an 80-20 sativa to indica ratio, this is the best weed strain to guarantee a rather stimulating high to truly celebrate the peaks of the summer season.


Everyone knows that nothing beats the summer heat like a rejuvenating afternoon nap. Drift into a relaxing slumber with a few tokes of the classic Zkittlez. Known for its candy-like aroma and flavors, this beloved indica strain makes for a compelling case to add to any summer blunt rotation. It might be the best weed strain for a pre-nap ritual or a long bong rip at the end of a long summer day, Zkittlez is a reliably delightful and relaxing strain that’s earned its spot as one of the top cannabis strains.

Time for an Unforgettable Summer

Traveling for the summer? Make the most out of any summer trip with an even better weed trip with the best cannabis strains. Don’t let the summer vibes go to waste and enjoy an iconic summer trip with these beloved weed strains. And who knows? Summer strains may become a yearlong experience.

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