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Ruben Cabrera: Taking Cannabis Dispensaries to Artistic Heights

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DENVER (420CanNews) — Renowned artist Rubezilla, also known as Ruben Cabrera, has transformed Spark Dispensary into a mind-blowing art space. Cabrera, known for his murals at dispensaries across the state, took things to the next level by collaborating with local and national street artists to turn Spark into an art museum.

The new art space is a playground for Denver’s art scene, featuring the works of prominent artists like Nychos, Chris Haven, Detour, Birdcap, Shane Huss, Casey Kawaguchi, Hiero Veiga, and Marissa Napoletano. The walls display captivating paintings, complemented by indoor installations. QR codes allow visitors to unlock augmented-reality versions of the artists’ creations. The digital renditions breathe new life into murals with breathtaking transformations.

Upon entering the dispensary, visitors will encounter an oil painting on the ceiling by Chelsea Lewinsky, a “virtual-reality corner” for taking selfies, a gutted Macintosh computer filled with a Lego diorama, and even a display of the history of cannabis laws in the United States under a customer-service desk. Combining street art, cannabis wall art, and weed wall decor creates a visual paradise for stoners. 

Joseph Gira, Spark co-owner, wanted a Meow Wolf-like marijuana store, but paying fair rates for Ruben Cabrera and many artists required significant funds. To offset costs, Spark collaborated with Colorado cannabis brands, such as 710 Labs, Artsy, and Veritas Fine Cannabis, who sponsored artworks in the dispensary.

Besides providing a haven for creative souls, Cabrera envisions the dispensary’s installations as a catalyst for promoting artists’ merchandise. The store dedicates retail space for Spark creators’ T-shirts and other merchandise. This is a great avenue for cannabis dispensary marketing, and he intends to host live painting sessions at the store to engage customers further.

Ruben Cabrera mentions that artists completed most of the art in April, leaving room for future updates and surprises.

Cannabis enthusiasts who seek an extraordinary dispensary experience should highly consider taking a trip to Denver. Spark offers a captivating ambiance combining artistry with love for weed, creating unparalleled and unforgettable 420 lifestyles and experiences.

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