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Happy Danksgiving: A New Twist on the Traditional Holiday

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CASPER, Wyo. (420CanNews) — As families across the nation gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, a unique twist on mainstream  festivities has emerged in recent years. The term “Happy Danksgiving” has become more widely known as a combined expression of traditional gratitude and cannabis appreciation. Amidst classic dishes of pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes, a new element made its presence felt: cannabis buds.

What is Danksgiving?

Happy Danksgiving is becoming a new, playful reimagination of Thanksgiving by potheads, with “Danksgiving” being when “dank” (top-shelf cannabis) meets “Thanksgiving.” It’s a special time of year when the munchies meet the main course. By most definitions, Danksgiving occurs the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but as the idea has taken root, the actual celebration can occur any time during the week–or all week for that matter.

For centuries, cultures worldwide have incorporated cannabis into various rituals and festivities for its spiritual and medicinal properties. From Jamaica’s ganja-loving Rastafarians to India’s holy Sadhus, cannabis is revered globally. Danksgiving  now brings American sensibilities to these age-old traditions, allowing cannabis lovers to gather and be grateful for what marijuana has to offer.

According to cannabis journalist Steve Bloom, the actual term Danksgiving evolved rapidly over the past decade. Bloom, who edited High Times magazine from 1988-2007, noted how his own 2008 book “Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life” failed to mention the budding term of Danksgiving. But by that same year, it had surfaced on Urban Dictionary, serving as evidence of the swift evolution of cannabis terminology.

“The word just evolved, like so many do in the cannabis lexicon,” explained Bloom. He speculated that the roots trace back to High Times’ annual Cannabis Cup, a popular weed festival held in Amsterdam during Thanksgiving week. “I’m sure someone used the term then,” said Bloom. From these modest beginnings, Danksgiving gained traction among those eager to merge their passion for cannabis into a cultural celebration.

A Cannabis-Friendly Feast

Happy Danksgiving isn’t just about smoking, consuming, and or sitting by the fireplace singing songs about weed; it’s also about creating a festive, cannabis-infused, Thanksgiving meal. From making cranberry sauce with an THC twist to whipping up CBD-infused desserts, the possibilities are boundless. As Danksgiving goes mainstream, innovative chefs are dreaming up dank-ified Thanksgiving dishes to make the holiday both merry and delicious.

This Danksgiving, enjoy tasty cannabis buds and infused feasts, and be sure to reflect on the joy, healing, and fellowship that cannabis has cultivated over time. And to everyone out there, Happy Danksgiving in advance!

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