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Lucy Scientific, High Times Mix Psychotropics, Cannabis Culture

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VICTORIA, B.C. Canada and New York (420CanNews)—The cannabis industry witnessed a monumental union as Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc., a developer of psychotropic therapies, acquired the intellectual property of the iconic High Times brand earlier this fall, giving Lucy Scientific a unique distribution opportunity via the lucrative High Times audience. This acquisition, encompassing notable trademarks of the Cannabis Cup and brands, symbolizes a significant trend towards greater vertical integration within the evolving marijuana business and overall cannabis culture. 

The historical significance, synergies, and prospects stemming from this strategic alliance could reveal broader implications for the cannabis and psychotropic industries.

Historical Significance of High Times

Founded in 1974, High Times has been the media cornerstone of a new, budding cannabis culture, providing a platform for cannabis enthusiasts and advocates everywhere. Known for its influential magazine, High Times has also been synonymous with its celebrated Cannabis Cup festivals, nurturing a culture of cannabis appreciation and advocacy. Over the decades, High Times has grown to become a formidable voice in the cannabis industry, elevating legislative advocacy, scientific research, and critical developments in cannabis cultivation.

Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc.’s Innovations

Vancouver-based Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc., a pioneer in psychotropic innovations, has been at the forefront of researching and developing novel psychotropic substances. With a vision to revolutionize the psychotropic domain, Lucy’s acquisition of High Times marks a strategic move, aligning the company with the rich legacy and community engagement that High Times brings along.

Synergies and Strategic Implications

The union of Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. and High Times is seen as a “golden opportunity” for Lucy to introduce and distribute its products to a large, engaged High Times audience.​ By issuing 19.9% of its outstanding stock to High Times and establishing a revenue-sharing model, Lucy has not only acquired a highly influential brand, but also fostered a financial alliance poised to accelerate innovations in the cannabis and psychotropic landscapes with the goal of high-margin licensing and royalties in mind​​. This strategic alignment could set a precedent for similar collaborations within business circles and the cannabis culture at large, driving  cannabis marketing, advocacy, and community building to a new level.

The acquisition includes the domain, along with the trademarks for the Cannabis Cup and brands and their respective domain names. This not only expands Lucy’s domain in the cannabis industry but also sets the stage for potential collaborative ventures leveraging High Times’ extensive community reach and iconic brand value​​, according to Cannabis Business Times.

Boundless Possibilities

The strategic alignment between Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. and High Times is a testimony to the boundless, collaborative possibilities that lie ahead. With the cannabis industry arguably still in its infancy, the potential synergies between independent manufacturers, service providers, media platforms, wholesalers, and retailers will undoubtedly emerge. Such collaborations can ultimately propel the sector forward, heralding a new era of collaborative growth and development between the cannabis and psychotropic industries.

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