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High In Love: Find The One in 420 Dating Websites

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LOS ANGELES – Roses are red, violets are blue, I love weed, and HIGGGHH love you!  

It would be a lovely experience to puff and pass with that certain someone. Wanting to smoke and having no one around is such a bummer. It would be great to have someone do it together, but being blunt about it, looking for someone who shares the same interest is quite difficult. Fret not. The good news is there are legit 420 dating websites. 

Check out some of the 420 dating sites like 420 Singles, High There!, Date 420 Friendly, iHookup, and Hinge, just to name a few. People bold enough to set foot on these dating websites may find themselves sharing a good stash with someone special or even finding someone to talk to about a favorite strain of marijuana.

Weed intake has been shown in studies to lower depression and anxiety, and most marijuana users know this. This makes 420 dating easier for apprehensive individuals who tend to get tongue-tied when out on dates. The founder and editor-in-chief of Psych Central, John M. Grohol, Psy.D., wrote way back in 2018 a thorough essay about the advantages of medicinal marijuana for reducing stress and anxiety. Yet, there are even more advantages as you go past the pressures of early dating and into the bedroom.

These 420 dating apps are heaven-sent for stoners who want to find love and are still suffering from the stigma of the black market. Yet thanks to several recently created apps, finding love in the era of marijuana legalization may now be simpler. With the help of these 420 dating sites and apps, people can ensure that their prospective 420 lover enjoys marijuana similarly. In this manner, their taste for weed won’t lead to a “strain” in their blossoming relationship.


On the other hand, when people sign up for a 420 dating site, there are profile questions concerning the use of recreational marijuana. This helps the algorithm attempt to pair people with compatible singles.  But as a cautionary note, people should avoid divulging too much personal information while registering on 420 dating websites. People should make connections cautiously, as many websites have phony or inactive profiles. These 420 dating websites should assist people in finding the perfect match, but remember, being stoned does not mean being stupid. 


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