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Watch Out For Your Cannabis Dispensary New York Locals!

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NEW YORK  – Looking for the best cannabis dispensary New York has to offer? For New York state officials, it’s high time to crack down on unlicensed New York cannabis dispensaries. With a rise in illegal cannabis operators putting down roots in The Big Apple, officials have turned to legal action to curb the growth of a budding cannabis black market. Licensed cannabis retailers have found themselves with their backs against the wall, competing with over 1,500 illegal cannabis retailers operating throughout the state.

In New York City, officials are taking legal action against the landlords housing unlicensed cannabis dispensaries and retailers. Recent reports state that in NYC alone, over 400 illegal sellers of marijuana have been hit with lawsuits, with many more on the way. 

The 14th Avenue Case

The recent case of The City of New York v. The Land and Building Known as 14 First Avenue, et al., gives a sneak peek at the City’s new strategy for cracking down on illegal cannabis. In this case, city officials took down a tobacco shop that was caught selling top cannabis products to undercover police officers, without a valid CAURD. In New York, a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) license allows the possession, sale, and delivery of cannabis. Selling various cannabis products without a CAURD license is against New York’s cannabis laws.

As per Section 7.7  of New York’s Administrative Code, all tenants who run businesses that go against state law are branded as “public nuisances”. Under law, their landlords are required to evict and close these public nuisances. If that’s not enough, these landlords will be hit with harsh penalties, and are required to put said property up for sale. Then, the court sheriff takes all material, equipment, and instrumentalities used in creating a public nuisance; in this case, all types of cannabis products found on-site. Clearly, NYC is taking its cannabis law enforcement to a higher level, making it safer for locals to enjoy their favorite cannabis dispensary New York has to promise.

Defending the Dispensaries

The CAURD is being hailed today as a central pillar of New York’s work to build the most accessible and inclusive cannabis market in the nation, according to the New York State Office of Cannabis Management. However, only less than a hundred licensed cannabis operators in the state of New York can show a valid CAURD. There are thousands of illegal cannabis dispensaries, all of which are flying under the radar of state authorities. So if a tourist is on the hunt for a cannabis dispensary New York residents trust, it’d be best to inquire if they have a valid CAURD.

As the endless NY cannabis dispensary list keeps growing, law enforcement continues to fight on two fronts: legalizing dispensaries as quickly as possible, while cracking down on illegal cannabis dispensaries. Whether or not they claim to be selling the best cannabis products in town, it may be only a matter of time before illegal retailers will have to close shop. 


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