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Marijuana: From Rap to Riches

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Before Gilbert Milam Jr. became the well-known rapper, “Berner,” he used to bus tables at Wendy’s.

Today, the founder and CEO of one of the most lucrative marijuana brands in the country, “Cookies,” serves as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs all across the country.

Many young billionaire wannabes are watching the marijuana business take off in states where it’s legal. The opportunities seem endless, but at the same time, those same opportunities are, in reality, quickly slipping away. Typical barriers to entry for new businesses, like access to capital, or not having the right connections, can lock out many ambitious people long before legalization in a new state occurs.

So what’s left? Think of Berner with his Wendy’s uniform back in the day and get inspired. Did you ever think a guy like that could be a mogul in the weed business?

From punching the clock to breaking the bank – this former fast-food employee proved that working towards something that feeds a personal passion is a worthy goal. Today, Berner is America’s first billionaire in the weed business. With his initial career breakthrough as a rapper from the Bay Area, he has made a name for himself as the creator of the famous Cookies brand – one of the first legal weed first empires. As CEO of the company, he oversees various operations, including marijuana retail dispensaries and clothing design.

What matters most is that the number of cannabis consumers is also rapidly growing, and so are the opportunities.

If you like his story, other famous actors, actresses, rappers, rockers, and musicians are embracing the height of the cannabis business.

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