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Concentrate on Concentrates: A Dab Update

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Concentrates aren’t just for orange juice anymore.

In the weed vernacular, concentrates are the talk of the town, with dispensaries selling oils, waxes, crystallines and other forms that pack a serious punch. With THC levels ranging from 60% to 99%, it’s no wonder cannabis users are turning to “weed dab concentrates” for both greater strength and faster THC delivery.

Dabs have become popular on a social level, with so-called “dab bars” also growing in demand. In these establishments, attendants light up the rigs and wipe off mouthpieces. In most cannabis industry parties, there used to be a dab bar or “dab lounge” where “dab machines” dispensed doses of weed concentrates. Attendants adjust the dab machine’s rigs for inhalers to experience the heating point that the weed dabber wants to achieve.

While more of a recent trend in the United States, cannabis concentrates, many typically using hashish, have been part of 420 lifestyles in some parts of Asia for over a decade. With various types of concentrates available and the tools and crafts for dab concentrates innovating, concentrate enthusiasts are taking advantage of a wide range of options, including smooth variants, whole plant options, and solvent-free versions. Other variants include live resin, shatter, and resin-packed.

But before anyone gets too excited, experts warn that concentrates have their drawbacks. Paranoia being one of the most common. So, with “great potency comes great responsibility,” and the potential risks to mental and physical health are nothing to scoff at. Still, concentrating might be the way to go if you’re feeling adventurous and want to get “lifted.”

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