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Pot at the End of the Rainbow: A Pride Background

The Connection of Pride and Pot

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – It’s Pride Month. As colorful parades launch in towns and cities nationwide, where we can see how pride outfit ideas mimic  the spirit of the LGBTQIA+ as a movement of people moving from stigma to understanding also rings true for the cannabis community. In that light, retracing the Pride background movement may very well reveal the steps ahead for weed enthusiasts.

The Pride Background: How Did It Start?

Pride started with the Stonewall Riot, also known as Stonewall Rebellion, and Stonewall Uprising. It was 1969 in the vibrant city of New York, where a legendary establishment called the Stonewall Inn, the famous LGBTQIA+ friendly bar, stood proudly in the heart of Greenwich Village. It would soon represent a moment where self-expression and advocacy collided.

In the early morning hours of June 28,  a discriminatory police raid unleashed a wave of protest and demonstrations reverberating through New York City streets in Greenwich Village.

In that raid, police arrested patrons, employees, and customers, treating them with a level of brutality that angered onlookers. At a certain point, an officer struck a patron in the head and forcefully pushed him into a squad car, causing the crowd to explode into riots and chaos.

The patrons, employees, and residents of the Stonewall Inn took to the streets in protest for six days, demanding justice and change. This prompted the start of the Pride Month background.

Birth of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Background 

With that event, the political influence of the LGBTQIA+ community began to coalesce. The Stonewall Riot and resulting protests were the catalysts for organizing many of the most powerful entities supporting LGBTQIA+ rights, including the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the Gay Liberation Front, the supporters of the Human Rights Campaign, and the group of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFFLG). 

On June 28, 1970, a spirited gathering of supporters took to the streets of New York, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Marching with exuberance and determination, they walked from the Stonewall Inn to Central Park, their voices resonating with a powerful chant: “Say it loud, gay is proud.” This march, fondly known as the Christopher Street Liberation Day, became the very first gay Pride parade, a joyful protest of self-acceptance and celebration that continues to resonate in the hearts of the LGBTQ+ communities worldwide. 

The LGBTQIA+ and the Cannabis Convergence

Cannabis and the LGBTQIA+ community have shared a close bond for decades. Interestingly, research shows that LGBTQIA+ individuals tend to have higher rates of cannabis use. Moreover, the movement to legalize medical marijuana in the United States gained traction as a compassionate response to the AIDS epidemic, disproportionately impacting the LGBTQIA+ community. These connections highlight the intertwined history and support between cannabis and the LGBTQIA+ community.

However, getting hold of cannabis posed quite a challenge due to its illegal status. But thanks to the determination of LGBTQIA+ community advocates, things were about to take a turn for the better. Their persistent efforts would soon make a big difference in how accessible cannabis would become.

Both the LGBTQIA+ community and the cannabis community have made significant strides on their respective journeys. This can be observed in the various Pride Month social media posts for many years. But, there’s still more road to travel, both in terms of acceptance within each community and how they come together. Whether the common interests between the two lead to a more tangible partnership, the parallel motives of removing stigmas and establishing social, political, and legal legitimacy will certainly keep both movements on the same side of any fight.  


The chance to come together and honor the colorful diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community in 2023 is a great gathering. We can help create a more welcoming and inclusive society by taking part in Pride Month events, giving to LGBTQIA+ charities, and fighting for equality. 

Allies from outside the LGBTQIA+ community are welcome at Pride celebrations. They are chances to offer assistance, to watch, listen, and learn. From this LGBTQIA+ Pride background, the improvement of the movement never ceases the members of the community to aim for a pot at the end of the rainbow. Let us welcome the LGBTQIA+ community, celebrate Pride Month, and work toward a society where everyone can experience love, acceptance, and equal opportunity.


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