Sippin’ on Sunshine: Hemp Tea for the Stoner Soul

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews)—Move over coffee, there’s a new sip in town. Hemp tea is brewing a delightful uprising in the beverage scene, offering a unique concoction to elevate a person’s zen. Crafted from the ever-adaptable cannabis plant, hemp tea delicately combines natural flavors and potential perks in every sip. It’s a party in a cup with hemp tea bags, and everyone’s invited. 

What is Hemp Tea?

Before jumping to conclusions, hemp is not the rebellious cousin of cannabis. They are often mistaken, but hemp–a botanical class of cannabis sativa—is cultivated for its fiber and edible seeds. Unlike cannabis, hemp contains only minimal THC, the psychoactive compound that produces a “high,” so it’s time to put those far-fetched stoner theories to rest. 

Hemp tea provides a deliciously soothing method to enjoy the plant’s active compounds. With no caffeine, it is a rich source of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and antioxidants.

The benefits of hemp tea are numerous. Here are just some of them, according to an article posted in Healthline

  1. Hemp has the potential to facilitate and enhance the quality of sleep.

CBD has been shown to promote relaxation and potentially aid in achieving more restful sleep. A study suggests CBD may enhance sleep quality for individuals with brain-related conditions like Parkinson’s.

  1. Consuming hemp tea may reduce anxiety.

In a world where anxiety has become an unwelcome companion in our daily lives, hemp tea emerges as a promising alternative. A growing body of research points to hemp potentially being the key to effective stress management. For instance, a 2015 study revealed that CBD interacts with receptors and serotonin levels in the brain, showcasing its ability to help individuals with low serotonin levels. Moreover, two 2019 studies have shown that CBD exhibits promise as a tool for reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Remarkably, participants experienced a significant reduction in anxiety levels before delivering a public speech. With hemp tea benefits, it may be a natural solution to ease anxiety and promote well-being.

  1. Drinking hemp tea may help with alleviating chronic pain.

Hemp-derived CBD has shown promise in alleviating pain. Research suggests that adults with chronic pain who received cannabinoid treatment experienced a significant reduction in their pain symptoms, indicating a meaningful clinical impact. Although hemp tea contains only a small amount of CBD, it can still be effective in providing pain relief.

  1. Hemp tea may support heart health.

The potential benefits of CBD and other hemp compounds, such as terpenes, extend to reducing high blood pressure—a prominent risk factor for heart disease. Additionally, their anti-inflammatory properties can contribute to improved heart health overall.

A Comprehensive Guide to Hemp Teas

When choosing hemp tea, it is essential to consider the quality of the tea leaves. To ensure the best product, look for organic hemp teas sourced from high-quality plants grown in clean and natural environments. It is essential to read the labels carefully and to be aware of any ingredients or additives included in the tea. 

Researching different brands of THC drinks like teas can help determine which one may work best for individual preferences. Each type of hemp tea has its own flavor and health benefits, so consider the desired effects when selecting a brand. Given these factors, users can easily find the perfect hemp teas. The Cannabis Training University suggests the following expert tips and techniques for brewing the perfect cup of hemp tea. 

  • Brew hemp leaves in water.
  • Brew hemp buds themselves.
  • Mix regular tea with CBD oil.
  • Add hemp milk to regular tea.

For those seeking a soothing escape from the chaos and demands of day-to-day life or for a trusted companion on the winding path to mental clarity and tranquility, hemp tea presents itself as the warm and inviting solution we have all been missing. So take a sip of bliss in a cup and embrace the serenity that follows.

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