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Local Cannabis Company Rolls Up Support for Breast Cancer Buddies

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. (420CanNews) — October marks the arrival of pumpkin spice everything, spooky costumes, and most importantly – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While major pink ribbon campaigns do their part to spread information and raise funds, local cannabis company owners have a unique opportunity to contribute to the cause – the “green way creatively.” 

With cannabis legalization expanding nationwide, these businesses combine their knowledge of weed with genuine care for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Origins of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has become a key event for spreading information and rallying support around breast cancer. But how did this worldwide campaign start?

The event traces its beginnings to 1985 when the American Cancer Society launched a week-long campaign to promote breast cancer awareness and education. That same year, the now ubiquitous pink ribbon entered the picture. Using colored ribbons to represent causes started in 1979 with the yellow ribbon for hostage awareness. In a coincidental parallel effort, advocate Charlotte Haley offered peach-colored ribbons, while Evelyn Lauder of Estee Lauder and Self magazine editor Alexandra Penney distributed pink ribbons.

Thanks to the immense reach of Self and the Estee Lauder brand, pink became the adopted color of breast cancer awareness. Today, the pink ribbon can be seen worldwide as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

Cannabis Companies Craft Creative Campaigns for Breast Cancer Awareness

There are many breast cancer awareness month ideas that craft a cannabis business that can support the cause and make a difference. These companies show customers it’s not just about scoring profits by hatching inventive campaigns. Plus, it’s great PR for the budding cannabis business.

Brainstorming ideas for breast cancer awareness month for this month is fun. Companies could hand out cheeky informational nuggets in their dispensaries about cancer risks and early detection (break out the puns). They could also host fundraising shindigs and donate part of sales from special “feels good, does good” products to charities.

Some ingenious local cannabis companies are already leading the way. Some Cannabis marketing companies like 4Front Ventures, nuEra, Custom Cones USA, and Verano have run educational green initiatives to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Other impactful ideas for breast cancer awareness month include:

  • Hosting health screenings.
  • Participating in fundraising walks.
  • Providing informational sessions for employees and enthusiasts. 

Local cannabis company owners could also designate a percentage of proceeds from a specific product to go toward breast cancer foundations for October.

Avoiding Breast Cancer? Cannabis May Help

Though no panacea exists for breast cancer prevention, science indicates cannabis may support evidence-based lifestyle approaches. There are suggested ways to lower risks, which include maintaining an ideal weight, regular exercise, a nutritious diet, moderating alcohol, and abstaining from tobacco can help reduce risk. 

Breast cancer is still a major health threat for women today, according to the American Cancer Society. It remains the second most common cancer killer in the United States. 

The good news is some lifestyle changes can lower risk, and emerging cannabis research from most undergraduate research grants shows promising potential for prevention and treatment. Cannabinoids have been shown to slow tumor growth and help with symptoms like pain and nausea in breast cancer patients. More studies are still needed, but the possibilities are hopeful.

A systematic review in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences demonstrated cannabinoids can alleviate tumor-related symptoms and impede proliferation in breast cancer patients. Both psychoactive THC and non-intoxicating CBD inhibited cancer progression in preclinical models.

Another rigorous analysis reported cannabinoids display significant antitumor effects across primary breast cancer subtypes. Cannabinoids represent promising adjunctive agents against malignancy, regulating cell survival and metastasis mechanisms.

Though additional research is warranted, current evidence empowers experts to justifiably extol the benefits of cannabis for breast cancer prevention and treatment. As stakeholders develop awareness campaigns this month, highlights of these compelling discoveries regarding cannabis’ potential are promising. Perhaps one day, cannabis will join lifestyle modification as a science-backed approach for promoting breast health.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaches, local cannabis company owners have a prime opportunity to spread crucial information and support the cause. Through creative campaigns and community engagement, they can play a key role in spotlighting this disease while highlighting the promising medical applications of cannabis. Who said the cannabis industry couldn’t be fun and seriously committed to improving women’s health?

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