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Caribbean Islands: Is Weed Legal in Barbados?

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BRIDGETOWN, Brdo. – The beaches and surf of Barbados make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is where Rihanna, the famous singer, actress, and businesswoman, was born. Although marijuana is used throughout this island country, the question remains, is weed legal in Barbados? If so, what is Barbados Weed Law?

Barbados has a long history with cannabis that dates back to the early 17th century. The British were the first to bring hemp seeds to the island to cultivate them as a commercial crop. However, because different plant sections are used for different things, it quickly became a versatile resource for textile manufacture, rope making, and various other crafts.

 When manual labor was replaced by slave labor in Barbados in the nineteenth century, cannabis was commonly used as an analgesic to relieve discomfort from sunburns and other harsh working conditions. Despite its lengthy history on the island, currently, only medical marijuana is legal. Recreational weed in Barbados is still illegal. But, when it comes to real-world enforcement, it is essentially not a crime. According to reports, there has been speculation over the years that Barbados may legalize cannabis for recreational use after Canada and the U.S.


Meanwhile, the demand for and use of Barbados drugs continues to increase, despite stringent marijuana laws. Within thirty days, the person found guilty of possessing marijuana must pay the fine. It is also a crime to own or consume other illegal drugs like ecstasy, cocaine, or marijuana, which can lead to jail time, with offenders getting arrested even for possessing small amounts of drugs.


If cannabis is to become legal in Barbados, it will no doubt arrive sooner with the support of well-known people like Rihanna. A true 420 enthusiast, she’s been known to have an on-again-off-again relationship with weed. During this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, fellow singer Adele commented on the matter in response to Rihanna’s recent meme. Indeed, Hollywood stars can have an immense influence on legalizing recreational marijuana.


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