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Cannabis Consumption Lounge Makes Waves in California

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WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The long-awaited arrival of the sit-down cannabis consumption lounge in California is finally happening, and industry experts anticipate exponential growth in these venues in the coming years. Despite the slowdown of the pandemic, Southern California and the Central Valley have granted approvals to some marijuana lounges.

Cannabis retailers expect the current number of cannabis lounges to double or even triple in the next year or two thanks to their increasing popularity. A weed smoking room is indeed something to look forward to. These are expected to open in National City, Coalinga, Port Hueneme, Desert Hot Springs, and Palm Springs. Desert Hot Springs also allows cannabis retail and entertainment facilities at hotels. Despite their potential, concerns regarding revenue generation persist due to slow growth.

Lauren Fontein, the co-founder of The Artist Tree, emphasizes the importance of a cannabis consumption lounge for the industry’s growth as it normalizes cannabis use. The Artist Tree, a West Hollywood cannabis retailer, recently opened The Studio Lounge. It’s the only one out of 16 authorized licenses that’s open for business. 

The Artist Tree recently debuted The Studio Lounge on Santa Monica Boulevard. The venue offers an ideal locale for patrons to bask in its offerings. The city now has its second marijuana lounge after The Original Cannabis Cafe, which shut down at the start of the pandemic. 

The Studio Lounge’s comedy night drew a packed crowd of patrons. Some rented glass bongs on the patio terrace, others sat inside puffing pre-rolls, and everyone had a blast. To add to the excitement, customers ordered bongs, pre-rolls, and other cannabis products using tablets. 

The debut of the sit-down cannabis consumption lounge in California is an exciting development for cannabis users. These marijuana lounges allow people to consume cannabis in a safe and social environment, helping to normalize its use. While the slow growth of lounges in the past raised concerns about the business model’s viability, the recent green light from municipalities and the predicted expansion indicates a positive shift. Including entertainment facilities and retail sales at hotels in some areas demonstrates a growing acceptance of cannabis in various settings. 

The only problem is that restrictions and limitations imposed on a cannabis consumption lounge present challenges for operators, particularly regarding food and beverage sales. Policymakers need to reconsider these restrictions and create a more inclusive framework that allows lounges to offer a comprehensive experience to patrons.


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